15 Essential Copywriting Tips For Content Marketers

You know what, I assume you’re a honest person. Whenever you speak in person you sound real, helpful, and honest. You avoid every form of marketing nonsense. No flimsy sales talk at all.

You always give your honest opinion. But what the hell happens when you write the copy for your sales page or your squeeze page? Do you project your true self? Believe it or not, a lot of us don’t…

15 internet marketing copy writing tips

Marketing foolishness appears difficult to avoid. Most blogs and sites are filled with it. A bit of dishonesty just appears in your copy without you realizing it.

That brings about the question “How can you get rid of the marketing gibberish and write powerful copy that sells?”

Let’s check out these 15 copywriting tips that will gets rid of trashy habits. Adhere to these tips below if you want your copy to instantly become more truthful, fascinating, and even more engaging.

Copywriting Tip 1: Sleaze Phrase Hell…

How can you tell if there are sleazy phrases in your copy? Sit back and read the meaning of every sentence.

Sleazy: Our state or the art browser extension will help you boost your internet speed

Recommended: 240,484 blogs use our browser extension to boost their internet speed

Copywriting Tip 2: Eliminate the hyperbole crap

Using numbers like ‘hundreds of billions’ may seem precise, but they actually sound like you’re stretching reality. Be sure you make use of specific figures to bring attention and strengthen your integrity.

Marketer’s Bombast: Hundreds of blogs use our application to get leads.

More Appropriate: 154 blogs use our application to get leads.

Copywriting Tip 3: DON’T act weak and round about..

Kindness is always appreciated, but a subtle call-to-action isn’t going to do anything for your bottom line. Don’t start a call-to-action with “IF”, it is the easiest way to give them an excuse to leave.

Make sure you act like a boss and tell your audience what you want them to do.

Subtle: If you’d like to become a member of our weekly newsletter, kindly optin and click “enter”.

Bossy: Optin Now For Instant Access!

Copywriting Tip 4: Give your audience a reason to do so

Do you want your traffic to always pay attention to you and carry out your suggestions? Simply explain why they should with reasons. How do you intend to make them better, richer, or healthier?

Which challenges, difficulties, and complications will you help them overcome with the suggestions you give?

Average: Get signed in (it’s free)

Suitable: Learn how to write amazing content for your blog. Opt-in to receive free and useful updates.

Copywriting Tip 5: Give THEM an even better reason

Examine your readers to know what they really want? Avoid every form of fake benefit and target those benefits that the readers really want to learn more about.

Most real benefits are often related to saving money, making more profit, a feeling of belonging, being worry-free, becoming happier, etc.

Normal Approach: Learn to become influential. Sign up to receive free updates

Better Approach: Learn to become influential and get more clients. Opt-in to receive free updates

Copywriting Tip 6: Avoid sugar-coated testimonials

I’m sure you know those testimonials that are too perfect and sound fake as hell.

Do you even think that anyone is convinced by these surreal and magical testimonials? Simply write narrative-based testimonials that tell a story. These types of testimonials also enable you overcome criticisms about your product or service.

Fake Reviews that nobody believes: Suzy is an amazing Writer. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

More Believable: I was not sure about hiring Suzy. She appears to be a little crazy and she is not even a native English speaker but the copy she has written for my business really helped me to win more customers.

Important Notice: Learn to profit daily online creating and selling PDFs from your site –

Also, she was fun to work with.

Copywriting Tip 7: Don’t walk away simply because it appears difficult

Do you believe in miracles? Truth is that they don’t exist in business. I have never seen bad reviews disappear magically. You need to fix that shit!web

If customers complain that you’re too expensive, then:

  • explain ways that you help them save money.
  • how you help customers make more money.
  • describe how much more pleasure they will get from your product or service.

Prove the value of your product. Identify what scares away customers from your products. How can you address these issues?

Copywriting is about sales and selling is about removing customer doubt from your product or service.

Copywriting Tip 8: Remove self-indulgent blah blah blah…

Marketing messages become nonsense if they keep talking about a company and its products. Without a doubt, the fastest way to turn nonsense into great copy is to talk about a benefit or a challenge your customers have first.

Self-indulgent: A Professional Graphic Designer with 40 over Years’ Experience.

More appropriate: Artwork that Converts viewers into Business.

Copywriting Tip 9: Avoid the use of  “!!!!!!!”

Exclamation marks reveal lazy writers or sleazy salesmen. Simply do away with all exclamation marks from your sales copy.

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Copywriting Tip 10: Don’t be Mr. Magnificent unless you are

The easiest and surest ways to be insincere in dealing with your clients is to claim excellence when you are not truly outstanding. Only say you are excellent if you can prove why you are the best.

Sin: We offer the best web design service in town.

Better Expression: Get your websites designed in 7 days or receive a 15% discount.

Copywriting Tip 11: Please get rid of the word salad

Marketers flood their sentences with adjectives when they have nothing to say. It makes readers have a rethink about its credibility or it just sends them straight to sleep.

Gibberish: This magical set of beautifully designed underwear has an appearance of its own. It is completely amazing with a look that’s perfect for your body.

Better: The natural look of this underwear suits most body types.

Best: Show images of the underwear or explain what lead to it’s design.

Copywriting Tip 12: Split test your sales page

Yea, I’m pretty sure you know your target audience. You know how to create the copy that talks to them, but don’t forget to split test to sales pages to see what converts the best.

Think of each squeeze page or sales page like a gladiator, and what do gladiators do? They fight to the death.

You should be pitting your creatives and copy against each other to see which ones come out on top.

Keep the winner and test against it.

Copywriting Tip 13: Let your audience write the copy for you

If I could talk to fish I’d be a fisherman, but I can’t so I’m not! Now you know why I’m an internet marketer. If you have an email list of subscribers then you should be surveying them and finding out what they want.

You can do this easily with Google Forms. Ask open ended questions and draw out their worries. Next time you need to write copy you’ll know what to say!

Copywriting Tip 14: Scratch the pain point

Growing up, your mom told you not to scratch your scab. I’m telling you know, to scratch the hell out of that scab!

Your sales copy should explicitly illustrate the pain point your target audience wants to get rid of. I like to use questions that engage the target audience.

Bad: Would you like to get rid of excess weight?

Good: Tired of being picked to play Santa every year?

Copywriting Tip 15: Talk to your drug addicted friend

Some copywriters say that you should talk to your target audience like you would a friend. That’s only half right. You should talk to your target audience like you would a friend with a problem.

Why? Because it allows you to create copy around these conditions:

  • pain points
  • urgency
  • concern
  • time restrictions

Think about it, your target audience comes to you for solutions to their problems. Talk to them like a friend in need.

How to eliminate marketing drivel & nonsense…

You have edited your copy to remove the marketing mess. Now, picture yourself talking to your favorite customer on the phone and read your copy out loud.

If your client hangs up the phone abruptly, then your copy is still sleazy.

Redo it. If your customer gets impatient and interrupts you while you are reading it, then you are almost there.

You just have to edit it to make it better. If you cannot convince your customer to buy your product, then you have not tackled her problems or you simply picked the wrong benefits.

Ask how you can be of help. When writing a sales copy, you need to think about your customer. That notwithstanding, you also have to be conscious of who you are. Make sure you be yourself, be honest and be exceptional.

Did I leave any copywriting tips out? If you’d like to add your own tips then please let us know in the comment’s section below.