How To Leverage Canva To Make Fiverr Profits

What’s up folks? Today is going to be a straight forward post on how to make money on Fiverr using Canva.

First thing you need to do is check out this video where I show you how I use something that’s free and spin it into something that pays me:

What is Canva?
Well it’s a free online image editing tool that lets you create beautiful and professional looking designs, graphic art, website logos and much much more. You should give it a try here.

One quick look and you can start to see the Fiverr-profit implications. I mean, you don’t need to be a graphic designer or a Photoshop pro to make beautiful designs and images. In under 5 minutes, you can create real works of digital art.

Here Is How To Use Canva

First, you go to the Canva and sign up using either your Facebook, your Google account or an email and password. After you login in just click the type of design you want to create. You have many options. Here are just a few:

  • social media graphic
  • A4 graphic
  • desktop image
  • poster
  • logo
  • etc..

After you choose the type of image you want to create, you will then be taken to the work space.

There you have many image elements to work with, including layouts, backgrounds and text. You shouldn’t use those…

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: you can not use Canva’s images for anything you plan to sell. Even if the image is listed as “free” on canva, you can not use those images if you plan to sell the end result.

It’s ok to use their fonts (except for logos) if you plan to sell something, but never their images.

I recommend you use images that you have the rights to or that are public domain. You can find many public domain images on these sites:

Once you have the public domain images you want to work with, you then head on over to canva to begin the creation process…

You can upload any size image you want to canva and easily create amazing work with their user friendly interface. You’ll also notice that you can change the color, size, position and angle of almost any element on your image.

This begs the question, with this powerful free tool, what service could I possibly sell on Fiverr?

What Can You Sell On Fiverr?

Glad you asked, the list I have for you below is by no means “the end all, be all”. I’m sure you can come up with even more gig ideas on your own. Here are just a few gig ideas you can now provide:

  • Flyer Designs
  • Infographics
  • YouTube Thumbnail Images
  • Etsy Shop Icons

To bring the idea closer to home, let me do some market research for you. Let’s Google search for the “Best Selling Fiverr Gigs”.

In his post, Oli’s number one recommendation is selling graphic designs of all kinds. From banner ads to social media graphics, you can do it all with Canva.

Let’s Do a Little More Fiverr Research…

First go to Fiverr and hover over the link “Graphics & Design”. Check out all the possibilities.

way to make money with fiverr

I count 8 different image creation services you can do using Canva. Lets dig a little deeper and do a little more research. Lets see what gig opportunities you can get under “Banner Ads”.

how much can you make selling on fiverr?

This dude has sold over 1000 + banner ad gigs on Fiverr! He must be putting out some pretty amazing banner ads to get all of that business. Let’s check out his work…

popular fiverr gig provider

This gig provider makes sales everyday selling something that you now know how to do. His work isn’t bad at all, but it’s by no means something you can’t create on your own.

Here are some basic and free templates that Canva provides. Now, I dare you to tell me you can’t start selling banner ad gigs on Fiverr today!

canva provides some amazing banner ad templates

Listen, as far as I’m concerned. You have everything you need to create killer graphics. All you gotta do is go out there and apply yourself. Test this idea and see what results you can bring in.

Let me know how it works out for you. If you’d like to add your own Fiverr gig selling tips then let me know in the comment’s section below.

  • Alexander Zulqarnain says:

    Hi, it is really interesting to make money from Fiverr using Canva. Giving that we do not need to use Adobe Photoshop only a creative idea to design the things. I really love Canva and start selling it.

  • i know i think it’s awesome as well… anybody can put out amazing work.

  • Julie Brett says:

    Are there any licensing issues I would need to be aware of to sell my creations from Canva?

  • Hi Julie, I have a fair bit of experience with selling printables in the baby shower niche using canva, fiverr and gimp.

    I also sell lead mags on fiverr.

    As for canva, you’re allowed to use their fonts commercially (except for logos) but you can’t use any of their patterned backgrounds or images in your printables if you plan to sell them.

    I recommend uploading your own images, public domain images or images you have the rights to.

    I have a 7 day free video case study course where I show you one of my profitable printables, how I went about finding the idea and where i got those printables made:

  • drathaar01 says:

    How do you get around being a new seller? I was watching a video from an authority blogging YouTuber and he was giving advice about 5er gigs. One of his tips was to ONLY use gigs that have lots of good comments. I was pissed and let him know about it. I’ve currently got 4 gigs up with lots of looks and zero sales. People putting out that “advice” means the new guy is hosed. One I gave an upsell for free. Still nothing.

  • GOOD!

    you’re missing the great news you gave me.

    You’re getting a lot of impressions, that means people are interested in what you’re selling. I’d be more descriptive, add more bonuses and/or place with the price points until you get sales.

    The point here is, you’re more than half way there. You just need to fine tune your offer.

  • That’s awesome news Kevin! Glad to hear it.

  • I’ll give it a shot, thanks. I got my first order last week, for ranking a YouTube video. He ordered all the bells and whistles too!