About Ike

What you’re about to read is NOT a sob story or a rags to riches story… It’s just my story.

ike's story

It’s about who I am, where I come from and what led me to make a comfortable living online (and how I can help you do the same..).

Miami Florida days from 1978 to 1997

I was born and raised in Miami Florida from 1978 to 1997, my dad skipped out when I was very young so I don’t have much to say about him.

Luckily, my mom was (and is) a strong woman who was able to learn English and a make life for herself in the USA. She became a US citizen in 1998.

little kid ike
Bucktooth Kid Ike, Miami Fla. December 1983

I love her to NO-end because she worked hard to make sure I was well fed, clothed and educated.

Since my mom had to work during the day I grew up on my own as a latchkey kid. Funny enough, a lot of my childhood friends had similar stories and backgrounds.

I remember my first introduction to entrepreneurship was selling war head candy on the playground (extremely sour candy) for 20 cents a piece ,I got them for 10 cents a piece.

The budding marketer in me challenged the other playground kids to eat them without spitting them out.  This got me a lot of attention and customers.

It also got me the attention of a teacher which put an end to my first business endeavor, LOL.

After that, the only experiences I had making money came from my part-time jobs during my teenage years, I primarily was busing tables and bagging groceries.

…and then during my sophomore year in high school we suddenly moved!

Ohio & My University days 1998 To 2004

We moved to Ohio for the job market and I promptly got a part-time job at a meat factory chucking blocks of frozen meat into a giant grinding machine, miserable ‘character’ building work. 

I finished high school which was boring as all hell and I didn’t have any real friends.

I was like “well I guess I should go to university…” because that’s what society told me to do next.

Unfortunately, there was no college fund or cash tucked away, I took out student loans and with my mother’s blessings off I went !

I gotta tell you, university was one great time and experience, in the classroom and out. For me, it broaden my mind in so many ways, it exposed me to crazy new ideas and mind altering elements.

ike in university
Red Ike, Halloween 2002, Kent Ohio.

I learned to do my own thing and not to put too much care into societal norms.

One place I always wanted to visit was Japan!

Why? Well, I’ll be honest; I have a thing for Japanese women, food and culture.

I heard I could get a job there as an English teacher, all I needed was my university degree (any degree) for Visa purposes.

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, I could either continue with grad school and get my masters or roll the dice and try my hand in Japan.

Four days after graduating I took my meat-factory money, got a one-way ticket and moved to Japan, again with my Mother’s blessings.

Japan: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I landed in Tokyo on a cold winter’s day; December 18th, 2004. I had no business being there:

  • I couldn’t speak the language.
  • I had no job.
  • I didn’t have a lot of cash.

I did ,however, have some university friends from Japan so I crashed with them.

I went into the Tokyo night for the first time and I felt like I was in Blade Runner, everything was so clean, neon-shiny and foreign to me.

Loved every second of it, but my wallet was getting light and I knew I had to score a job soon.

the dummy
Dummy Ike, Tokyo 2005

During this time, I was actively job hunting for an English teaching position. I got rejected so many times…  But then, I applied for this one prestigious English school and the interviewer was from Ohio, and he had a son named Ike! It was like fate was smacking me on the head.

I chatted him up and we got along great, he hired me on the SPOT! I was so excited! The pay was good enough to get an apartment and a steady income. The first day on the job I went out to drink with friends, I was so happy..

fun times
Employed Ike, Tokyo 2005

Here was the thing, the job was easy, but mind-numbingly boring..

I didn’t like my past part-time jobs in the U.S. because those jobs were exhausting, but this was different….

At first I embraced the ease of my new job, but then it started eating away at me, I started drinking heavily and gaining weight. My honeymoon phase with Tokyo was quickly vanishing.

overweight ike
Overweight Ike, Kawasaki 2010

I love Japan, but I hated putting on a tie everyday and making my way to work. I didn’t want to be in an office and teach English all day.

On occasion, I’d have enthusiastic students, and they were great, but for the most part, it was an endless procession of unhappy working adults who were forced to learn English.

It was a lose-lose for both parties.

The only winner was the company that I worked for, they had the pleasure of over charging their students and underpaying me. I didn’t feel good and the future didn’t look bright.


escaping my job
Prisoner Ike, Osaka 2007

Shawshank-ing My Job

After reading some books like ‘Rich Dad,Poor Dad’ and ‘The Four Work Week’ I knew I had to build assets and STOP trading time for money.

But how? I didn’t have enough money for stocks or real estate.

What I DID have was $15 for a domain and hosting. I started learning about internet marketing and I knew if I applied myself I could make it work.

I failed a crap load of times in different niches but I was finally able to make it work.

After years of half-assed attempts I was able to pull myself together, be consistent and get results.

Here is a video of me that got tons of traffic to my diaper cake business:

I became crazy obsessed with all things related to marketing. I learned about SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and selling my own products online.

I currently run four sites in four different niches and have multiple passive selling products on 3rd party platforms. I make a nice income which means I don’t have to wear a stupid suit and tie ever again!

I’m here to tell you that you can do it too, all you need is the guidance and the dedication to follow through.

..And that’s what it’s all about.. being consistent. That’s the key. Consistency helped me create my laptop life style and it helped me get back in shape:

Brazilian Jujitsu
Fit Again Ike, Tokyo 2016

I’ve been through it all and I want to help you do the same, as I’ve helped many others.