Letters To a Content Marketer & How To Succeed With a Strategy

Recently I’ve been in communications with Alex (a newbie content marketer). He created some great content for my baby shower site.

He asked me some solid content marketing questions in our emails. I thought you could benefit from our correspondence.

content marketing tips and techniques

Below you’ll find several content marketing tips and techniques to build your own profitable niche site.

Email #1 – Goals, Problems And Obstacles…

Hi Ike,

You might know from my post on the Warrior Forum, I recently lost my “traditional”/offline job and I’m getting married in August so I really need a way to make some money.

Since my country is going through a rough time (with the earthquake and the economy) and because I have no college degree, it has been impossible to get a new job so I decided to start an online business.

The thing is that I really don’t know where to begin. I know it might be a long shot but I was wondering if you could give me a hand and guide me through this.

I’ve been reading IMG and it seems to me you have this thing down! My first goal is to make $300/month online.



The Response: The Truth About Content Marketing…

Hey Alex

Congratulations on your marriage plans!

Yea, earthquakes are terrible, I was in Tokyo for the March, 11th 2011 great Japan earthquake. I feel you….

content marketing truth

Dude, I paid you and you created content on my niche site. You already HAVE an online business, you’re a freelancer and a good one at that! You are on the warrior forum. You’re also on Fiverr and Odesk selling your services.

The Cons of Content Marketing…

The baby shower site you created content for is profitable until Oct. 30, then its pretty much dead until Jan 2.

Do you know why? It’s because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years; Baby showers take a back seat during this time.

I just want to let you know that internet marketing doesn’t provide a fixed salary of any kind. You have your peaks and valleys. More importantly, you gotta know your audience and their tendencies.

Then there are the challenges of getting traffic to your site:

  • Free traffic isn’t free because you gotta create content and work with other people to promote your content. This costs you, your most valuable asset, your time..
  • Paid traffic is a quick way to get traffic, but you gotta find the cheapest sources and test them to see what converts best.

I started I.M.G. last year, at this time (early summer 2015). I fed I.M.G. useful SEO prepped content, yet nobody came.

Times have changed, before I could write a 500 word SEO ready post on my other niche site and it would usually rank quickly.

Important Notice: Learn my method to profit daily online –

Not anymore, these are the days of epic content. Not only do you have to write awesome content but you gotta be proactive and spread the word about your content.

I’m hiring content creators,like yourself, because my work has essentially doubled. I want to spend less time online not more…

Here is a post you should definitely read, pay special attention to the second half of the post.

The Pros of Content Marketing…

The beauty of content marketing is that it has such a low overhead:

  • start a niche site: domain $13 a year host $10 a month
  • get an email autoresponder: mail chimp is free until 2,000 subscribers then its like $20 a month
  • get sumome (or another free overlay add on): this will help you capture leads and test to see how your audience behaves on your site

After you set up your home-base (niche site), then just feed your site amazing epic content and proactively build relationships with people in your niche and your audience. You can learn more about this here.

To your success,

Email #2 – Will My Niche Site Idea Work?

Hey Ike,

I’m aware that internet marketing doesn’t provide a fixed salary; but honestly I think it’s the way to go.

The economical and political situation in my country is quite unstable; a lot of people have lost their jobs, the government increased taxes due to the earthquake, cost of living has gone through the roof and salaries are lower than ever (The average salary is $280/month for an entry level position)!

I love working from home and I’m more than willing to dedicate all my time to building my online business.

I’ve been thinking about starting an affiliate site in the grasshopper protein niche; I can create the content myself and do all the marketing too.

I was thinking about promoting a protein bar made from grasshopper powder.

I do have a question about your post. I understand the value of the whole social scene but, should I keep creating backlinks as well?

Thanks again,


The Response: 4 Irrefutable Marketing Checklist Questions

Thanks Alex,

That sucks about the present state of your country. Best of luck.

Grasshopper protein powder as an affiliate site? Do you have experience with that niche? What are the problems that this protein bar solves?

I’m sure there are affiliate programs to monetize with…

But first, ask yourself these questions and mark them off your checklist:

  • how big of an audience is out there for this niche? Note: you can learn about keyword research here.
  • what is their problem or desire?
  • how can you help them?
  • where do they hang out online?

I’d stick to a proven niche that has all of these questions answered; some of these niches include dating, parenting, self-defense, weddings etc…

Choose one of the established ones and come at it with a unique angle. Example: I’m a 37 year old 200 lb 6 ft tall straight man in the baby shower niche.

I used to use a female pseudonym, but it’s when I told people in my niche who I was; is when I started profiting. Come at your niche with a unique angle and build content around it.

As for backlinks, you are building backlinks inadvertently when you’re credited on the different news and blog sites. Plus, you have social media backlinks from big powerful sites like Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Sure, these links are nofollow but google still knows that they are pointing back to your site.

I can go into my Google Console right now and see all the backlinks from no follow sites, that means Google knows!

no follow links are okay

If you do mange to get a dofollow link from a related site then google might penalize you for it. It’s just not worth it!

As for social media, it’s just a tool. All I’m saying is build awesome content that’s SEO ready, BUT THEN be proactive and tell people about your newly created content.

Drive traffic to your email list using the tools we mentioned and build a relationship with your subscribers. Sell to them services and products that you believe in. Give them clear reasons why and they will buy from you!

If you are going after an unproven niche ,like the one you mentioned in your email, then you should test the concept first with paid traffic; before you waste your time and build out an entire site.

My baby shower site example: Come to think of it, I did it ass backwards! I should have validated my idea first with paid traffic before I built an entire eCommerce site. Luckily, people like what I have to sell.

validating business ideas

Paid traffic, that’s what I plan to get good at next. Unfortunately, my few successes at paid traffic haven’t been repeatable…

Do you have any questions? Let me know below.

All the best,


  • Alejandro says:

    Hey Ike, great information here! Thanks for the awesome post! What is your opinion on high competition niches like dating or weight loss? Isn’t the competition going to be too much for a newbie to handle?

  • those are huge markets with sub niches dating example: optimizing your tinder profile to get more interest or weight loss example: low carb diet recipes.