Stop Building Backlinks And Outdated SEO

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Most internet marketer are still practicing outdated Off page SEO, by that I mean link building. Yes, you are pissing off Google by building backlinks to your site. Seriously, just stop what you’re doing and read this.

Outdated SEO Backlink Building You are slowly murdering your own blog and you don’t even realize it.

“For the love of humanity, please just stop!” – Your Site

There was a time when backlinks (especially do-follow ones) from one authoritative site to your blog had value, that’s because it was like a vote. It was very much like one site vouching for another.

Not to say that backlinks have no value anymore but the landscape has changed tremendously with social media making it easier for google to see what original content gets shared more. Online content voting has several names now:

  • likes
  • pins
  • tweets
  • shares
  • etc…

Also, Google puts more weight on your site’s bounce rate; how long a visitor stays on your site. That’s a far better indicator of content value then some silly old backlink.

Another thing about backlinks, you’d be hard pressed to find do-follow links anymore: this is where one site passes ‘authority’ to another site.

These days, most backlinks are no-follow (no authority passed).

If backlinks do point to your site they should come organically via social media and other related sites. Of course you can help by creating different accounts on these types of social media sources and promote your own content.

But it always comes back to your content. You should really create content that helps the people in your niche. Once you get a small audience going you should ask them what they want. Listen to their desires and problems to guide you in creating amazing content.

Content Is an Old King Who Needs Your Help

outdated SEO & Old King Content
The content landscape has grown by leaps and bounds. Here are just some of the new content delivery systems you can use:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • Email
  • Printable Content

Make sure your content stands out from the crowd, no matter what type of content it is.

The written word is still king online. It’s important to have your visitors stay on your page as long as possible.

I find that video helps a lot in keeping my visitors on my page. I recommend that you create a YouTube channel dedicated to your niche and post videos along with articles on your website.

Remember, this will decrease your bounce rate and it will feed your message to your audience in a new and engaging way!

Advanced Traffic Generating Techniques For Today’s SERPs

It doesn’t hurt to bark up some free publicity by pitching your content to a news hungry reporter or fellow blogger. Some great free sources for this are:

I highly recommend that you check out those resources. Just sign up and get requests sent to your inbox from reporters wanting to get the latest scoop on the knowledge you have.

This not only builds your authority in your niche but your website is linked to and mentioned on these various news outlets. It’s a great Google friendly way to get traffic to your blog.

You got to be smart in your off page SEO. You can’t just create epic content and wait for people to show up anymore. No sir, you need to tell people in your niche about your great content and have them share it on their social media channels. Board Commander will help you do this!

You might be asking yourself, why on earth would they share my content?

Well, because you need to start out linking to them. Yup, you can’t just link internally anymore. When you write a great piece of content, 1,000 words or more, you need to be referencing other people’s ideas and knowledge on your post.

Once you publish it, just shoot them a quick and short email about it. A lot of them will share your post. It’s a win win situation for everybody involved.

Note: I go more into detail about this traffic technique here.

Wait, there is more off page SEO work you can do…

Lately I’ve been using Viral Content Buzz, it’s another free tool you can use to guarantee your epic content is shared by popular social media users in your niche.

viral content buzz

How does it work? Just sign up and add your different social media accounts and start sharing other people’s content. This way you start accumulating points.

Then you can start adding your own content and have other people in your niche share it. You can start off with just ten points, but I recommend to begin with 100 points. This is another great way to get followers, improve your search rankings and get to know people in your niche. Here is a video I made explaining it:

Note: You could pay for points on viral content buzz but I recommend you go with the free version. Why? because you also get to feed your social media quality content that your followers will love!

What I just gave you is a gold mine of precious knowledge that you can apply right now. All of this is SEO friendly and worth the effort. Try a few of these out or comment below if you have experience with them.

Outdated SEO Take Away Points…

Yea, you gotta stop practicing outdated seo techniques like link building.

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It just doesn’t work any more. Just take what you learned here and run with it:

  • Stop building backlinks
  • Diversify your content (video, podcasts, images etc..)
  • Create epic content
  • Be a source of knowledge for reporters and bloggers
  • Strategically link to authorities in your niche and have them share your content
  • Share and be shared on Viral Content Buzz

It might be difficult to stick to all of these different rules and SEO tips. It takes discipline to do it. Just make sure you let go of backlinks and other outdated SEO practices, and grab on to your audience’s needs.

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    It was a really good content. The best and most up-to-date info on off-page SEO, No other video explains these tactics. Thank you Ike.

  • hEY Ike we seem to be on a similar wavelength with this, you should check my SEO guide and your see what im talking about. I think SEO is now really all based on TrustRank, yeah all SEO methods are still there but they all add up to a TrustRank score and ofcourse now we have RankBrain … welcome to the future

  • That’s right Dexter, Google is becoming more and more sophisticated you can’t expect 2005 tactics to be effective now.

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