How to get more Pinterest followers easily!

Pinterest bursted on to the social networking scene like a meteor from hell and now everybody wants to know how to get more followers. Why not? More followers means more traffic and potentially more profit for Joe Shmo and his niche specific blog.

You’re in luck because I’m going to share with you my dead simple step by step plan to increase your Pinterest fandom. You can find the tutorial below but first watch this video guide:

This all boils down to four simple to follow ideas and steps:

  1. Follow first and they will follow you
  2. Repin your followers images.
  3. Connect your Pinterest account with your other SNS accounts.
  4. Pin keyword targeted unique content at peak pinning times after 8 pm on Saturdays.

Now that you know what to do, lets get to the minute specifics of each step.

The Pinterest Golden Rule

This all has to do with steps one and two. We all wanna be liked so it makes sense that people will reciprocate if you like them or follow them first.

That being said, log into your Pinterest account and in the search bar type in the niche you are in. After that, you’ll want to click on the ‘pinners’ tab and then click the first pinner on the left.

Get More Pinterest Followers

Then you are going to click on the ‘followers’ tab and start following as many folks as you can. I believe Pinterest allows you to follow up to 300 people a day.

Follow before they follow you

Repeat that step until you have at least 1000 followers. You should start to repin some of their images and don’t forget to comment under each image.

Not only will this gain you a good reputation but you will also be contributing to your online community. Plus, you’re going to have a ton of links pointing back to your account which will promote the links pointing to your website. It’s a win win situation for all!

Optimize Your Content To Be Pinned 

Here we cover steps three and four. First off, you should have a link from your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and whatever other niche related virtual real estate pointing back to your Pinterest account.

This will help cross promote fans and followers to your content from different social networking platforms. It’s a good thing to do and I recommend you do it.

It goes without saying that you’ll need a Pin button on your blog so that your visitors can easily pin your awesome content.

That’s right, your pin ready images and videos have to be AWESOME! Don’t worry, this isn’t difficult to achieve. Just provide unique content that your target audience can use and enjoy.

To find out what your target audience wants, just log into Google’s keyword planner and type in your niche. G.K.P. will let you know what people are searching for, then craft your videos and images around that information.

EXAMPLE: if I was in the weight loss niche and I found out that the keyword “Printable Workout Calendar” gets 320 searches a month, I would then go to Fiverr and get a printable workout calendar made for five bucks.

Find Out What People Want In Your Niche

Get The Best Content For Pinterest

I would also write an article, make a video and take a screen shot of the free printable workout calendar. After that, I’d post all that content on my site and pin the video and screen shot after 8 pm on Saturday. 

With a powerful follower base, your content will spread like wild fire! Just follow the steps I laid out for you.

Rock Out With Your Pinterest Out!

You have all the know-how you need to get more Pinterest followers the right way. Not only that, you know how to create kick ass content that your followers will go crazy for!

Here are some more interesting facts you could use to better navigate Pinterest:

  • Gender: 83% women/17% men
  • Age: 32% between 18 and 34/45% between 35 and 40/23% above 55
  • Peak Times: 2 pm to 4 pm & 8 pm to 1 am
  • Peak Days: Saturdays & Wednesdays
  • Content To Pin: Videos & Images

Yup, there is nothing stopping you from creating a powerful online presence on Pinterest. Please share this content if you found it useful and interesting. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or comment below.