Make Money Doing Email Marketing a Step By Step Guide

Today You’ll learn how to make money doing email marketing the right way. This is a no-nonsense post with EVERYTHING you need to know about profiting with email marketing.

Recently I was checking out the Warrior Forum and I came across a post by Chris Mollo on how to be successful at internet marketing and email marketing.

Make Money Doing Email Marketing

Needless to say, it was a real eye opener… I’m starting to implement some of his ideas into my own marketing strategy. I thought you could learn a lot from it so here it is:

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People often ask themselves how to setup a squeeze page with a really great lead magnet (not with junk PLR). The answer is pretty simple.

Make an epic and original eBook or video tutorial to give away, that’s it.

It isn’t as difficult as many people are led to believe. If you don’t know, then this is your chance to learn. I taught myself and so can you.

I use a simple funnel. When people opt-in, I send them to a very good affiliate product that I believe in. Usually these digital affiliate product pay recurring commissions.

These types of products are easy to find, and there are several that actually fulfill their promises to their buyers.

Make Money Doing Email Marketing

Note: I highly recommend you find yourself one of these products to promote. There are a bunch of them on ClickBank and JVZoo. You need to do this if you want to make money doing email marketing,

What Happens When a Lead Opts Into My List…

I always promote solid and helpful products to my new email subs. It’s vital that you send them to the product right after they join your list. I can’t stress this enough…

Some may argue “it’s not good to send a new opt-in right to a sales page” but it doesn’t really matter. For me, it works pretty well.

My welcoming email contains a link to the download page of my lead magnet. I’m currently providing a video series and a pdf. The pdf outlines the main theory of affiliate marketing, how I got started and the initial product that I promote to them when they first opt-in.

The actual pdf contains a list of resources for my business which includes affiliate links for hosting, auto-responders, domains, click tracking software and so forth.

If the subscribers purchase any other services through my links, then I get a commission.

Driving Traffic To My Squeeze Page…

Let me discuss the 7 main ways I get traffic to my website. If you want to make money doing email marketing then you need these seven email marketing tips.

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I will list them off according to the volume and number of subscribers each provides.

1) Solo ads (Roughly a quarter of my total income is invested back into solo ads). It’s important to invest more money if you want more profit.

That is a business fact. There is need in this business to keep a high volume of new leads coming into your funnel. I don’t care what niche you’re in.

I purchase around the ball park of 5000 to 7000 clicks a month; and my squeeze page converts about 50%. That nets me around 2300-3500 new subscribers a month.

There are a number of places online to get high quality leads. It’s important that you check out reviews and see what others are saying about the solo AD provider before you purchase.

2) Funnel swaps – The partnerships I make with other successful marketers in the market bring me around 1000-1200 new subscribers each month.

A funnel swap is when you and another marketer ,with an equal sized email list, promote each other. It goes without saying that you need to track the number of clicks your squeeze page receives.

3) Free WSOs – It is still a decent way of increasing your subscribers on your list but you need to give out something special and of superior value.

The offer should be exceptional compared to others. It’s not like the old Warrior Forum were you could promote junk and get a decent return.

If you do it right and provide value then it can comfortably give you 200-400 new subscribers in a month.

4) Bonus spots – It’s rarely given to new affiliates. It takes time for new affiliates to be considered for bonus spots.

Proven and successful affiliates on the other hand are offered bonus spots by product vendors in exchange for promoting their latest product launches.

They typically offer you a spot to put a banner or link to your squeeze page on the download page of their new launch. If you’re offered a few of these bonus spots a month, you can be sure to attract a few hundred new subscribers.

As for me, I get 200-300 new subscribers a month from bonus spots.

5) JV giveaways – Most JV giveaways subscribers can be described as freebie seekers. It’s true in most cases but sometimes you get very committed subscribers who are willing to buy. You can get 100-200 of these subscribers in a month.

6) YouTube videos – It’s an area with real potential. Expanded coverage can easily increase your subscriber base by a good margin. I have 75 live videos which convert to about 100 subscribers a month.

TIP: fire up the Google Keyword Planner and look for terms people are searching for, then start creating videos around those keywords.

7) My blog – My blog earns me a few bucks every other month in addition to bringing me 50-100 new subscribers. All you got to do is write consistently and provide value.

Make Money Doing Email Marketing The Right Way!

There you have it. It is not difficult to make money doing email marketing, but you gotta remain consistent!

It took years of consistent work before I was able to sustain myself in this way. These days I can safely say it was worth it. I am in the top 1% of warrior plus affiliates and in the top 5% of JVZoo.

There is no way you can tell that for sure but I have done promotions for the many vendors that belong to this forum and I have finished in the top 10 of their affiliate contests.

I guess that speaks well of me. The point is that it is possible to do it but only through hard work and endurance.

If you think affiliate marketing can earn you $5000 in the first month or two then this is a wake-up call. Just to make sure, I am going to reiterate again, consistent work is your ticket up.

Key points for a newbie…

  • Build a list – Building a list is your best business tool in the journey as an affiliate marketer.
  • Launching new products isn’t essential – I have launched a few products but 95% of my income comes from affiliate sales.
  • Find a mentor – Find an experienced marketer to help you build a list then get a domain, hosting and funnel set up. Doesn’t need to be perfect. Learn as you push forward.
  • Room for mistakes – You will make many mistakes along the way. Don’t mind, proceed and learn from them. You’ll get better with time.

This is a business for those with a heart of steel. Trying times will come but those with the willingness to succeed and the stamina to keep going will make it.

About The Marketer: Chris Mollo has made a name for himself make money doing email marketing. He is a real pro. He is a no nonsense marketer that provides real actionable advice on how to profit online with a list.

You can check out his IM product reviews at and you can check out his video tutorial on his YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, anything I missed? If so, let me know in the comments section below.