Avoid These 4 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There is no ‘easy’ in affiliate marketing. You have to work hard to create awesome content that your niche traffic will love. Plus, you have to carefully pair affiliate offers that will provide value to your niche audience. On top of that, you gotta test and track what works and what doesn’t. This creates a lot of room for error so I compiled four of the biggest pitfalls that you as an affiliate marketer should avoid:

There are many other ways to screw up online but those are the four big ones that I believe you will encounter sooner or later.

Top 4 Affiliate Screw Ups To Avoid

I’ll write more about these mistakes and how to correct them in the near future. Here are the broad strokes and take-aways that you should remember.

1. Not reading the affiliate’s terms of service: One April morning I woke up to some terrible news. One of my affiliate vendors got pissed at me for incentivizing one of their offers. I was making good money with that offer and I was helping out my visitors. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother to read my vendor’s terms of service. Long story short, I didn’t get paid $360.00 in commissions that were owed to me. What’s the lesson? Always read the T.O.S. because your affiliate vendor might not allow certain types of traffic or marketing methods.

2. Not testing and tracking affiliate offers: This is just plain lazy! Spray and pray marketing is not a smart way to go about this business. You need to constantly test and track how your visitors interact with your content and affiliate offers. Test different offers against each other and keep the ones that perform the best. There are many ways to test and track your affiliate offers. I use tracking software that I host on a virtual private network. I’ll get into this on a later post.

3. Not knowing your website’s demographic: You’d be surprised how many content marketers don’t know their demographic. Get to know your people well, so that you can create great content for them and match them with the right affiliate offers. You can find this information out and much more by using Google Analytics. It’s free and easy to set up.

4. Not providing enough free and useful content: It’s important that you don’t make everything a sale or a pitch. Remember the spirit of the internet is free and that you can afford to give away your content. This will help to increase your audience. Don’t you want them to come back for more? They won’t if you constantly bombard them with things to buy. If you do sell something then make sure you use it yourself so that you can easily identify its pros and cons. Your target audience wants to know these things.
Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Avoid
Don’t let any of this discourage you from trying to profit online. All you really have to do is provide good quality content and match affiliate offers that complement (not replace) your content. Remember to come back for more tips and tutorials on how to be an awesome affiliate marketer. Have a great day!

  • Hi Ike

    Indeed a great post about internet marketing mistakes.

    I am glad that you have covered the major internet marketing mistakes which almost every internet marketers do.

    Internet marketing is the best way of making money online and the best part about it is, It allow internet marketers to earn with few but potential visitors. We don’t need huge amount of traffic to earn. We only need 10 targeted visitors who can purchase the product.

    The most common mistake which internet marketers make is, they promote so many products at once without having any experience with them.

    To earn more, internet marketers pick every high paying product and start promoting them but don’t get any sales from them because they don’t focus on each product correctly that’s why they are unable to makes sales.

    Every successful internet marketer suggest to promote only those products which you have personally used.

    I would like to thank you for sharing such a great piece of content. 😀

  • Glad you like it David!