Is ClickBank Still Profitable

ClickBank has been around since 1998, back in the day when SEO strategies like affiliate bum marketing worked. The good old days, right? Nope.

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I’m glad those days are gone when every Tom, Dick and Harry with a spun article could rank for a highly searched keyword and drive a ton of traffic to their ClickBank offers.

Google’s algorithms have become more sophisticated since then. These days, Google rewards blogs that provide high quality content, like this one 😉

If you got steady targeted niche traffic coming in, be it from SEO or paid sources you can still turn a profit with ClickBank. Here is how it’s done:

The trick is all about finding out what converts and discarding what doesn’t convert. You gotta test your landing pages and your offers.

Testing Your Landing Pages With Your ClickBank Offer

That’s what I did in this little case study. I took one very specific ClickBank offer that was ,of course, niche related. I then tested 4 different ‘Thank You’ pages that lead into the offer for a period of 3 weeks.
how to profit on ClickBank
You might be asking yourself “what is a ‘thank you’ page?”. Well it’s the landing page you automatically visit after you opt-in through a squeeze page for a free gift.

I could go on and on about converting your target visitor later on down the road with your email list but let’s keep it simple for now.

After my target visitor opted in for a free gift in the baby niche. She was then taken to one of the four ‘thank you’ pages. I had the pages on a rotator that evenly distributed the pages out.

So if you opted in, you would have a 25% chance of landing on one of the four pages.

I did this because I wanted to see the click through rate (ctr). The higher the CTR the better.

After three weeks of testing there was one clear winning page that stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. That was ‘thank you’ page one.

It brought in the most click and a profit of $22.38 in two weeks. Now I just have to delete the other three pages and focus all of my opt-in traffic on winning page.

Scaling Up Profits In The Future

I get about ten opt-ins a day with just plain old free SEO traffic. I could ramp it up and get some paid traffic to get more opt-ins and ultimately more sales.

This also means that I don’t stop testing against my winning landing page. I should now refine the landing page and test similar ones against it to see if it still holds up.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where the offer is coming from. It’s all about you, the affiliate marketer providing awesome content and testing what offers or landing pages convert best.

Again, it boils down to drawing niche traffic to great content and converting your visitors into paying customers.

I know it’s hard to keep emotions out of it but I urge you to stay objective. Look at every loss as a learning experience and you will be profitable in no time.