Free Digital Product And Lead Magnet Creation Kit!

Here is something I hear all the time: “I can’t create a digital product because I don’t know how to!”

Guess what, you don’t have that excuse anymore. I have for you today a digital product template that you can use to create your very first ebook or guide.

create lead magnets and digital products with this template

You can use your ebook as a powerful lead magnet to capture more leads into your email funnel. Or you can sell your digital guide directly to your niche audience! It’s all up to you.

Everything I mention in this post is 100% free, from the digital ebook template to the tools you’ll need. Once you download your template, just click on the various other open source tools to customize your product.

Download Your Ebook Template Here…

You see how easy it is to create your very own digital product! After you download the template you’re going to need some tools.

Open Source Tools To Create a Digital Product

So you don’t have Microsoft word, Photoshop, royalty free images to use or a fancy 3D product ebook cover. No worries because I know where you can get each one of those things without spending a dime. Here you go….

Important Notice: Learn to profit daily online creating and selling PDFs from your site –

Don’t have Microsoft word? then use OpenOffice. Easily edit documents and turn them into pdf gold!

Don’t have Photoshop? Overrated! I’d pay a dime for that crap when I have the image editing capabilities of Gimp at my disposal.

Important note about video: I no longer promote the use of Google images without getting the permission of the image owner.

Don’t know where to get royalty free images? Then head on over to Pixabay. All the images you’ll ever need for your digital product are right there!

Don’t have a professionally designed 3D product image to attract customers with? Forget that, I’ll do you one better! Go to and have one made for free with their easy to use online software!

Will It Be a Lead Magnet Or Digital Product…

It’s up to you what you want to create. Just make sure you audience wants it. Before you start creating products, make sure you know how to:

You got everything you need. All you have to provide is your hard work and your consistency.

If you have anymore great ,and preferably open source, resources then please let me know in the comments section below.

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