Quora Traffic Methods

Today you’re  going to learn how to drive Quora traffic to your niche blog.

If you are certain that your content is worth reading (or buying), and you just want more readers, customers and followers to your blog, then here’s how you can drive traffic to your blog through quora, and get unique visitors for years to come.

What the heck is Quora Traffic?

You’ve probably already heard of Quora but have never given it much thought. It is basically a Q & A website where the community asks the community different types of questions to which many people give answers to. If a question is frequently asked, it can have hundreds of replies and can get thousands of views every day.

The best part about using Quora traffic is that if you play your cards right, you can get hundreds of thousands of even millions of page visits and views, which is absolutely insane.

How to drive traffic from Quora to my blog?

Using Quora, adept bloggers can easily display their expertise and skills to average folk looking for help; after all, providing noteworthy content is pretty much our job.

Providing such content in a Q / A format is actually the purest form of helping people with their honest problems. It is pretty natural to connect with your community in this way.

Quora traffic is just amazing, and the long term advantages it has is just so powerful. If you can convincingly answer a question, you can get traffic to your niche blog and products for years to come.

The reason it pretty simple, once the community up votes your answers, it not only keeps it alive and visible but also gets shown to their feed where your followers can also see it.

It is an amazing way of getting passive revenue, which is just super. Getting Quora traffic is more than just about the views, it has a ton of other advantages as well.

2) Publication magnet

Continuing your work on quora can be extremely lucrative, you can become a beast when it comes to attracting attention from major authoritative publications like Forbes; these websites often directly source quora questions which can help you get major amounts of views.

How do I even start generating views and revenue through Quora?

3) Create an amazing Quora profile

One of the major mistakes new writers make is rushing through their profile and not adequately filling them out. There will be thousands upon thousands of people who will be competing for you to get relevant answers; if you don’t stand out, there’s no point in writing.

Create a compelling profile with a convincing headline in the Bio. Since your headline will be directly below your profile, you need to have it be the best looking as possible.

After completing it, you need to think about which topics you want to go ahead and write for. There are topics ranging from sexual health all the way to “why my wireless mouse died”, either way, you need to know what your niche is and which kind of topics are best suited for you.

Depending on your selected topics, your profile needs to be adequately equipped with the proper information which makes you qualified to answer these questions. It is crucial for you to be credible and convincing so that people know they’re getting the right stuff and not just a random internet keyword warrior.

4) Add some details

No one’s going to stop you from making your profile great; use a ton of relevant bold, italic and underlined words to create a visually pleasing profile, perfectly blended and professional. You need to put in your web address and make it clickable.

You can say a lot in your bio, some of those things should include your life stories, experiences, social media profiles, professional profiles and more.

5) Select your topic for Quora traffic

No matter what you’re good at; making pineapple smoothies or niche blogging, put that stuff on your bio. It is crucial for you to define (to the public) what your core niche is, these will be your main topics and will be something that will allow you to highlight yourself in relevant areas.

Quora Traffic

Your Quora answers

You could find the scroll of wisdom and ask it for the perfect quora answer and you’d still not find one.

Mainly because they don’t exist. The thing about quora answers is that you need to craft them according to the needs of your audience.

Some people completely destroy the answer by providing unnecessary details / information while others are extremely successful by providing the right kind of “information to detail” ratio. Your main goal is to go viral, and you can do pretty much anything to make that happen.

6) Be like Mark Twain.

Tell stories, tell detailed accounts of your life and make them as personal as possible.

Create scenarios where you can essentially connect your answer with your life’s stories, it works pretty well, and most of the time, if you have the creativity, you can craft some amazing stories.

7) Take your answers to a whole new, visual level.

Considering the fact that most writers on Quora don’t bother getting proper images from the internet (or creating them) means that they are missing additional appeal for their answers. It’s pretty obvious that we are attracted to things that are different.

You can have an answer which is pretty much the same to the other writers but since you added the extra visual bling to it, it will be worth much more to the reader. What do they say “a picture is worth a thousand words…”

Side note: You know that I’m a big fan of canva, so it stands to reason, if I can stick an image somewhere online then I will. You should too.

8) Giveaway the broad strokes but save the details.

The thing about quora answers is that you want to get views on your blog. This is the important part, if you just give away all the details in the answer you won’t get anyone interested to read more on your site.

For example, if you write an article on how to get more views through, let’s say social media, and you have about 10 different ways to do so, you can mentioned three in detail and link your article for the rest.

Hunt for the bigger questions, don’t be the bottom feeder

This point is important, I see so many writers going for the smaller questions and most of them just don’t’ go for the bigger ones. Why would you go for a question with 50 views when you got questions that get thousands of hits.

How do you even find the “bigger” questions anyways? It’s both simple and really difficult at the same time.

The best way to find the big questions is to look for answers which have a lot of views and up votes in your specific niche.

Answer your questions by applying all of the above mentioned methods, and make your answers detailed (but not too detailed) and if you do it right, you will see a much higher views and ‘up vote’ response.

Another tip: Click on the “three dots” icon and select the ‘Answer Later’ option, this will help you create a database of the questions you may want to answer in the future.

This can also help you understand question statistics and details which will greatly help your writing process, you can take some inspiration from the most successful answers on those questions and craft better answers of your own.

If you follow through with these steps and are consistent with your efforts, you will observe a great improvement in Quora traffic to your blog. Have you sent Quora traffic to your niche blog? If so, let me know in the comments section below.

  • I’ not sure but I think I have a Quora account. I think it’s time to dust it off and give your tips a try, thank you.

  • Please do, like anything else, we must be consistent if we want to see results

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