The Awakening Review Plus Bonus

If you’re looking for the awakening review then you came to the right place, not only will you get an insider’s look into Shahin and Brendan Mace’s The Awakening, but I’m going to give you the brutal truth about this internet marketing course.

On top of this review, I’m also going to give you a special bonus that actually solves one of the problems I have with this course, but before all that, you need to understand one thing:

You don’t need a massive email list or paid traffic to profit online on a daily basis.

Hell, in some niches you don’t even need an email list, but that’s for another post ūüôā

INSIDER VIDEO: The Awakening Review + Bonus

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Shahin proves that you don’t need a massive email list to make nice profits online, I know from my own experience that you don’t. His methods work and you should implement them as soon as you learn them.

The Good About The Awakening

First thing that you notice in the Awakening is Shahin’s easy to follow videos. He leaves no stone un-turned as he takes you through his entire online business model.

You first get an explanation of what you need to do to be successful, and it’s simple, just be consistent with Shahin’s strategies.

  • He gives you a play-by-play on how to find a niche.
  • He then shows you how to get traffic.
  • He talks about where to send your niche traffic.
  • He explains how to attract your audience into your email funnel.
  • He gives you the reasons why you don’t need a website to be successful.
  • He goes over the exact sales copy he uses to get your audience to respond favorably.
  • He shows you how to profit with your email list, even if you don’t have a product of your own.

I gotta say that The Awakening is not only newbie friendly but it’s also a fresh new way to approach email marketing.

The Bad, Well Kinda…

My only concern with this course is Shahin’s squeeze page recommendations, they are good, but they aren’t free.

However, it’s not a problem because if you buy The¬†Awakening through my affiliate link then you’ll get my squeeze page creator’s kit at ZERO COST!

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the awakening review

The Ugly Truth

Don’t turn away, you need to hear this. Nothing will be given to you, it’s crucial that you put the methods you learn in the Awakening to work for you.

Follow all of the advice Shahin has for you and be consistent. Nothing will happen over night, but if you stick to it then you will succeed.¬†It’s as simple as that!

In conclusion

The Awakening review I have for you here is all the information you need about this amazing email marketing course. Shahin takes you by the hand and reveals everything you need to be successful online with a small but engaged email list.

My only complaint are his squeeze page solutions, they are good, but if you’re on a budget then ‘FREE’ is better. That’s why I created a special bonus where I show you exactly how to create beautiful free squeeze pages in minutes.

Have you tried Shahin and Brendan Mace’s ‘The¬†Awakening’ course? If so, let me know you’re thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Also, what do you think about The Awakening Review you just read? Did I leave anything out?

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