Blogger Outreach Email Template

Before you get this high converting blogger outreach email template you need to understand one important fact:

Your humble little email inbox is probably the most powerful tool you have to grow your online niche business blog, hands down!

The problem you face as a new blogger with no traffic is a simple one, “How do I get an established blogger with thousands of hits a day to pay attention to me and my tiny little niche blog?”

Blogger Outreach Email Template

You COULD wait years until you’ve written hundreds of epic pieces of content and have a sizable online presence before you approach another reputable blogger in your niche.

Or you can do it today! I actually encourage you to do it today and here’s why.

4 Reasons Why You Should Blog Outreach Today…

Reason #1: You should have confidence in the epic content you create, it doesn’t matter if you started blogging in your niche yesterday. If you can provide real actionable value with a video or blog post, then it’s your job to let the world know about it.

Reason #2: Most niche bloggers start from zero, why should you be ashamed of that? Wear your newbie blogger status like armor that way, no one can hurt you with it. Remember, you’re a newbie blogger, you’re not a newbie in your niche.

Reason #3: (the most important reason) Established niche bloggers want fresh new value-filled content to help their target audiences. Believe it or not, it’s in their best interest to connect with YOU! If you can provide a fresh new angle on how to solve a problem then you’re doing the established niche blogger a favor by providing your content.

Reason #4: The benefits to connect with others in your niche are well known, but just in case, here is what you get:

  • Guest blogging opportunities (backlinks, content exposure and brand awareness)
  • Joint venture opportunities (promote each others products and affiliate programs)
  • Collaborations (work on a product, video or post together)

There you have it, FOUR powerful reasons why you should be blog outreaching today!

Tips To Remember When Blog Outreaching

I made a little video for you explaining why you should blog outreach. I also go over things you should avoid when emailing others in your niche.

Remember to proofread your email before you send it out, and double check to make sure your email begins with what benefits the blogger first.

High Converting Blogger Outreach Email Template

Before you cut and paste this blogger outreach email template you need to do somethings, make sure:

> Your content is unique and solves a problem.

> You’ve backlinked to their content in your post.

> You’ve given them a twitter shout out (@blogger) and praised them on the post you backlinked to.

After these conditions are met then you can use this blogger outreach email template:

Subject: About (Blogger’s latest post)

Hey (Blogger),

I just want to let you know (Blogger’s latest post) is an amazing resource.

So much so that I even linked out to it in my latest blog post (Your Latest Post’s Title).

Feel free to check it out here (LINK TO YOUR POST).

All the best,

(Your Name)

P.S. It would make my decade, not year, but decade, if you shared it on your favorite social site.

With this power blogger outreach email template you’ll be sure to get an amazing response rate. Also, you’ll open the door to future collaborations and opportunities.

This email template is based on Neil Patel’s advise, you can learn more about it here.

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Final Thoughts…

It takes nothing but a few minutes of your time to email another content creator in your niche with the blogger outreach email template I provided you.

It’s true that several of these niche bloggers won’t reply back but it’s their loss, stop internalizing rejection and just let it go. It will do you a world of good to put yourself out their and connect with others in your niche.

If you’ve tried blog outreaching please let us know in the comments section. Also, I’d like to know if you’ve used the blogger outreach email template in this post and if you’ve had success with it.

  • Ike that was a great post. I hope people take the time to stop what their doing and read it.
    Keep it up man.
    Thanks for sharing…

  • Glad you think so Daniel. I’ve used it myself and I’m happy to say it works.

  • Thank you for sharing. This really makes me feel great about being a newbie!

  • No problem Reginald, glad you like it