Tailwind App Review

Yes, this is a tailwind app review but it’s so much more. Before you continue reading you need to understand this very important analogy:

Pinterest is an ocean of traffic and the Tailwind app is an experienced Sea Captain your blog (your ship) needs to get THOUSANDS of daily unique visitors!  

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Today’s post is sure to supercharge the traffic coming to your blog. Not only is this a Tailwind App review but it’s also a guide on how to use their free trial for maximum traffic.

What is the Tailwind App?

The Tailwind App is a Pinterest scheduling tool that will actually climb into your Pinterest account and reveal the best times to pin your images based on your audience’s peak engagement times.

All you have to do is add your pins and other people’s pins into the app and it takes care of everything. That being said, there are ways to get even more traffic from Tailwind but more on that later.

The ‘Good’ about the Tailwind app

If you want to be successful on Pinterest then you need to pin a lot of content at specific times, and that’s the best thing about Tailwind. It saves you so much time!

I couldn’t imagine sitting there and pinning on Pinterest without it. You’d be at your computer all day. No way, not me! That feature alone is worth it.

On top of that, Tailwind lets you know:

  • how many new followers you get (and lose)
  • which of your pins are the most popular
  • how many pin, repins and likes you’re getting
  • Weekly email reports on how your Pinterest account is doing

This is not to say Tailwind is without it’s flaws, let’s explore that!

The ‘Bad’ about Tailwind

Tailwind has two major flaws that I see, first off, I don’t think Tailwind does a good job of explaining how to use their app.

Sure, it’s pretty user friendly, but I didn’t have a guide like this one when I started with Tailwind. Lucky you!

The second flaw is a trend that I see with most ,if not all, membership based marketing tools. Their prices continue to increase!

The good news it, this doesn’t effect you if you’ve already bought Tailwind because you’re locked at the entry price. I’m referring to future members, they might want to get the Tailwind tool but it might be too expensive.

At the time of writing this post, it costs $119 for a years worth of Tailwind. Which I believe to be reasonable. I just hope that price doesn’t go up for YOU. Get You’re free trial here…

The ‘Ugly’ Bit…

Here is the cold hard truth, Pinterest takes away from your precious time on this earth, if you want to get real traffic from it,

Like I mentioned at the top of this Tailwind app review, I can’t imagine pinning on Pinterest all day, everyday.

That would kill my spirit, $119 a year is nothing to the amount of time saved by using Tailwind.

If you want targetd niche traffic flowing to your site with minimal time and effort then I can’t recommend Tailwind enough.

Get the free trial then implement the 4 Tailwind traffic tips I have for you here:

1. Tailwind Time Slots

When you first create an account with tailwind, the app will actually go through your Pinterest account and find the BEST TIMES to pin for your account.

The more you pin via tailwind the more time slots it will create based on when your niche audience is most active on Pinterest.

All you have to do is TURN ON the new little green time slots that appear in the scheduling section of your dashboard.

That’s it, just continue to add pins and Tailwind will do the rest….

Just make sure to check if new green time slots appear then turn them on.

2. Tailwind + Pin Keyword Finder

You already know by now that Pinterest is more of a search engine and less of a social media platform.

It’s important to place niche keywords in your pin and board descriptions.

You also know that I created a simple little Google Chrome Extension that will actually go into Pinterest and give you all the keywords related to your niche in seconds!

Just use my extension along with Tailwind for maximum traffic results.

3. 80/20 Rule For Pinning Success

Here is a simple rule for success on Tailwind and Pinterest, the bulk of the pins you share aren’t your own so you don’t have to worry of constantly putting out fresh new pins.

Pinning more of your pins instead of other people’s pins will actually hurt your efforts on Pinterest.

A simple rule to follow is, for every 10 images you pin on Tailwind only 2 should be yours.

4. Tailwind Tribes

You might have heard of Pinterest group boards and how they bring in so much traffic, well Tailwind tribes takes that to a whole new level.

The problem with Tailwind tribes is that you need to get invited by other members.

BUT DON’T YOU WORRY! Tailwind tribes is such a powerful traffic tool that I’ve written an entire blog post about it, and I’ve included exclusive invitation links to my tailwind tribe and a bunch of others.

Important: Get that post and the Tailwind tribe invitation links right here…

5. Bonus: Tailwind Group Lists

This is such a huge time saver, the ability to lump groups and boards into lists that you can share to in an instant.

When you get Tailwind for your pinterest marketing, make sure you take advantage of this powerful feature.

Tailwind App Review & Conclusion

You now have everything you need to dominate on Pinterest for your niche using the Tailwind App. On top of that, you also got my free Pin Keyword Finder that will guarantee your pin gets seen by your target audience.

What did you think about my Tailwind App review? Yes, I’m biased because I’m a user, an affiliate and a happy customer. There is no reason why you too can’t benefit from this powerful tool.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Completely agree with your review, Tail wind is awesome once set up and running properly, plus the tribes are a great feature.
    You key tool is an absolute most also for finding words on Pinterest, thanks for sharing

  • Thanks Yadira, glad you think so. I try, and I fumble some times

  • Mark, its always a pleasure hearing from you. Yea, TW makes things easier on me

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