Email Marketing And The Invisible Hand

They say “Diversity is the spice of life”, I’d like to add and say:

“Diversity also adds to your bottom line…”

One way I add to my bottom line is with email marketing, but I do it differently than other folks.

Instead of just giving away a lead magnet and selling something on the ‘Thank You’ page.

I figured out a way to turn my freebie lead magnet into sales.

​​​​​​​I know it sounds Weird…

I show you in the video example, how I give away 31 printable games then I sell my subscribers on the answer keys for those games.

Let me be clear, they don’t NEED my answer keys, they could easily find the answers for all the games on their own online.

This is important: I sell them on the convenience of getting all the answers right away!

In the video you also see that I priced the answer key at almost 11 dollars.

That’s because I tested different price points and I know I can get away with that amount.

You might be thinking “Who the hell is going to pay 11 dollars for answer keys”

Well there’s an economic principle at work here called the Invisible Hand.

The Power Of The Invisible Hand

Here is how it works, I must warn you though it sounds a little crazy.

Nothing has value, we (the consumer) give things value.

If a piece of abstract art can fetch $1 million, that’s because there is someone out there willing to pay that much for it.

You or I might not pay a dime for a picture of a purple triangle with a red dot in the middle of it, but someone else might think it’s genius and purchase it for some un-godly sum. That’s the invisible hand in action!

I tested multiple price points and I found out through trial and error that my niche audience WILL pay $11 for those answer keys.

Email Marketing, The Invisible Hand And Your OTO

Now it’s time to get the invisible hand working for you and making you sales.

First thing you need is an irresistible lead magnet on your squeeze page to get your visitors to subscribe.

Second, on the ‘Thank You’ page, you want to notify them that their freebie is on it’s way to their email inbox, this is also time to present your one-time-offer (OTO).

This is the most important step, because you want to create an OTO that will DIRECTLY help your new subscribe and improve upon the freebie you are sending them.

It’s crucial that you remember, you’re not selling a necessity, you’re simply selling them on convenience (just like in the video).

Finally, make sure your first email to them has:

  • Intro about you and what you do
  • The freebie you promised

If you get this right then you’ll making sales in no-time and helping real people in the process.

Follow Up Messages (Paid Vs Free)

I send three different types of emails:

  • Emails with free content
  • Emails with paid content
  • Emails with feedback requests

These emails have one thing in common, they help and provide value to my email subscribers. I send them surveys to better understand what they need help with and I send them products or content that provides additional value.

You shouldn’t be afraid to sell to your email list if you believe in the product being promoted. It doesn’t matter if it’s your product or an affiliate’s product, you need to know it full fills it’s promise before you promote it.

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selling products online

There Is more to be said on this subject…

I barely scratched the surface on email marketing and selling to your niche audience, in the coming months I’m going to write more and create more videos on the subject to help you succeed online.

It really is a great feeling to help people accomplish what they want to do, regardless of the niche. What are you thoughts on the subject? Let me know in the comments section below.

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