Free Landing Page Templates

You want free Landing Pages Templates? That’s right, grab all 30 of my landing pages at ZERO cost.

I’ll explain how to edit them to fit any niche or lead magnet. I will also explain how to upload them to any server or host. I have three different kinds of landing pages:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Thank You pages
  • Bonus pages

Each type of landing page is important for an over-all sales funnel. They are also mobile friendly and optimized for all the major browsers.

How To Use These Free Landing Page Templates

Squeeze pages – this type of landing page’s sole purpose is to capture leads in exchange for a free niche related digital gift like an ebook, printable or video course. Once a lead is captured it’s possible to build a relationship with him or her by providing valuable niche related content (both paid and free).

Thank You pages – this is where the visitor is taken after he or she puts their email into the squeeze page.

Bonus pages – these come in handy when promoting an affiliate offer that allows incentivization.

All of these landing pages are focused on different aspects of a marketing funnel.

10 Squeeze Page Templates

Out of the 30 free landing page templates these are the most important because this is where lead are captured.

I also added some tips on what to do for each niche’s squeeze page.

1. Weight loss niche

People are always trying to lose weight especially around January. Make sure the main title is goal orientated and niche specific.

squeeze page for weight loss

2. Fitness niche

The more targeted the better, if you’re going after the muscle building niche then try to offer a lead magnet that solves one specific issue a weight lifter might have.

squeeze page for fitness

3. Make money online niche

There are many ways to profit online, try to create a lead magnet that automates a difficult task someone in this niche might face.

squeeze page for MMO

4. Newbie Blogger Niche

Many folks start blogging every year, a good lead magnet would be a step-by-step video guide on how to create and host a WordPress website.

squeeze page for new bloggers

5. Dating for men niche

This niche is all about building confidence and offering a system to help single men meet women, make sure the lead magnet reflects that.

squeeze page for dating for men

Don’t Be Afraid Of Competitive Niches

Maybe you’re noticing a trend, these are all top tier niches. Don’t worry about the competition, you’re not trying to dominate these niches. Here are more landing pages:

6. Dating for women niche

Help lonely women understand how they can attract men to pursue them, perhaps a four day video series can help them do that.

squeeze page for dating for women

7. Baby care niche

A lot of new parents are so afraid of making mistakes when taking care of their new bundle of joy, provide a lead magnet that puts their minds at ease and teaches the basics of baby care.

squeeze page for baby care

8. Self improvement niche

Helping people get out of a mental rut can be a great niche for someone who has had similar issues, make sure the lead magnet reflects that.

squeeze page for self improvement

9. Pets niche

Everyone loves their dogs, go after the most popular breeds and provide a goal orientated lead magnet for pet owners.

squeeze page for pets

10. Beauty niche

There are many ways to service this market, make sure the title speaks to the concerns someone might have about their appearance, and how they can improve upon it.

squeeze page for beauty

It’s important to edit the sales copy to fit the lead magnet.

Side note: also, you can incorporate video on these type of pages to improve conversions and to connect with your niche audience.

10 Thank You Page Templates

These 10 free landing page templates compliment the squeeze pages I’m providing. There are several things that can be done with them, here are some ideas:

  • link to your Facebook group
  • link to a one time offer
  • link to a related product

11. Weight loss TY page

thank you page for weight loss

12. Fitness TY page

thank you page for fitness

13. Make money online TY page

thank you page for mmo

14. Newbie Blogger TY page

thank you page for new blogger

15. Dating for men TY page

thank you page for dating for men

16. Dating for women TY page

thank you page for dating for women

17. Baby care TY page

thank you page for baby care

18. Self improvement TY page

thank you page for self improvement

19. Pets TY page

thank you page for pets

20. Beauty TY page

thank you page for beauty

Remember to start the Thank You page with a “Welcome and thank you” message, this should be no longer than one sentence.

10 Bonus Page Templates

From the 30 free landing page templates these ten pages are meant to stand alone. You can send traffic to them via your email list, your YouTube channel or any other targeted traffic source you use. These bonus pages are meant to improve conversion sales for affiliate products.

21. Weight loss bonus page

bonus page for weight loss

22. Fitness bonus page

bonus page for fitness

23. Make money online bonus page

bonus page for MMO

24. Newbie Blogger bonus page

bonus page for newbie blogger

25. Dating for men bonus page

bonus page for dating for men

26. Dating for women bonus page

bonus page for dating for women

27. Baby care bonus page

bonus page for baby care

28. Self improvement bonus page

bonus page for self improvement

29. Pets bonus page

bonus page for pets

30. Beauty bonus page

bonus page for beauty

Each bonus page comes with a count-down timer, this little element will improve conversions greatly. I’ll go-over how to edit each component of each page.

Free Landing Page Templates

All of these landing pages revolve around at least one of the three major evergreen markets:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Love

To quote a famous marketer: “People want to get laid, paid and they want to live forever.” These markets reflect are biggest fears:

  • Death
  • Poverty
  • Loneliness

As an internet marketer we have a lot of responsibility to the people who follow us for niche advice. Please remember that when creating niche targeted marketing campaigns with these landing pages.

Claim all 30 free landing page templates today

There are many expensive services out there that will create squeeze pages, thank you pages and bonus pages for a monthly fee.

free landing page templates

Opt-in to get these free landing page templates, I’ll show exactly how to edit these pages.

Let me know what type of landing pages I should create in the future in the comments section below. I’ll be adding more to this list in the near future.

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