How To Test Price Points The Proof Is In The PayPal

I see a lot of comments on Facebook groups and forums talking about price points.

testing price points the easy way

These questions usually go like this:

  • How much should I charge for my product?
  • Is my product too expensive?
  • Should I charge less?
  • How much would you charge?

Too be honest, I don’t know why they’re asking these questions to the members of these groups and forums.

They should be “asking” their email list subscribers, existing customers and potential customers by selling to them.

That’s right, create your sales page and your PayPal link then send traffic to it. If it sells within a hundred unique views then you’ll have your answer.

It’s as simple as that! There is no need to be asking people on forums and in Facebook groups on how much you should charge. You should charge what YOU think it’s worth and test it.

If you need a starting price point then look around. What is your competition selling your product for? What’s the low end and the high end for similar products in your niche.

That’s all the information you need!

Simple Price Points Test You Can Perform…

What kind of person would I be if I just left you without an actionable step-by-step guide.

Here is a quick and easy way to see if your price point is good or not. Better yet, here is a way to see the highest price point you can get away with! All you need is:

How it works: When your visitors optin to your email list they will be taken to your ‘Thank You’ page. On the ‘Thank You’ page welcome your visitors and tell them that the lead magnet is on it’s way to their email inbox.

Also, explain your product and why they need it (video works best).

Here’s The Set-Up: You’re going to create three ‘Thank You’ pages that are exactly the same, except for the price points:

  • low end price point
  • middle price point
  • high end price point

You’re going to put these three ‘Thank You’ pages in the link rotator and put the rotating link in your optin form’s redirect section.  That’s it.

Run this test and see which price point wins out after 500 optins. Keep the winner and delete the losing ‘thank you’ pages.

It really doesn’t get easier than that. Here is another simple and easy method to profit online,

Don’t forget the proof is in the PayPal, let me know in the comments section how your price point test went. I’d like to hear how you did.