CliClap Is The Best CTA Tool Out There

What’s CliClap you ask?¬†Well, I’m about to blow your internet marketing minds with this new tool that turns any link you send out into a call-to-action!
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Note: a call-to-action is a message that directs a would-be customer to act in a desired fashion. An example of this would be…

Want to learn how to bake the perfect cake? Then Click Here And Learn How!

That’s right, you can attach any CTA you’d like to any link you want and the person who clicks on that link will see your CTA as soon as they scroll down.

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It essentially turns other people’s content into your content. Here you can see Noah Kagan’s famous post on how to create Facebook ads. Check it out here…

As soon as you scroll down you’ll see my CTA that leads to my landing page. Here is a screen shot:

cliclap tool

You have the ability now to bring your audience back to you time and time again, while sharing valuable content and giving exposure to others.

Like in the example above, I’ve never spent $3 million on Facebook ads but Noah Kagan has. He has a unique insight on Facebook ads that I don’t.

Could I write about Facebook ads? Yes, sure. I have experience using the platform with both failure and success, but I think my audience can learn a lot more from someone who spent $3 mill on it.

I get to share real value to my audience and at the same time insert my message and provide value in my own way.

Another great thing about CliClap is that it’s centrally hosted. You don’t have to download anything. Just create an account, log in and start putting links together with your clips.

It literally takes 2 to 3 minutes to set up and you’re off to the races. Inside of the CliClap dashboard you can see how many¬†people clicked on your link and on your CTA.

cliclap dashboard

A clip is where you place your call to action. You have the choice of just text or you can create a CTA with an image. Clips are super easy to make and deploy.

There are a few other features available that I haven’t tested yet but I’m sure I will soon and report on what they do and how useful they are.

Anyways, I’m really impressed by this little tool. At the time of writing this post, CliClap was available for free.

I asked about future pricing, and one of the founders reached out to me. Yonatan (a cliclap founder) said that Cliclap is in beta now and pricing for upgrades will be up soon.

What are you waiting for? Try CliClap today…

Share your experience below. Did you take it for a test drive?