Ebooks Are Dead Time To Rethink Your 2017 Lead Magnet

So you’re coming up with 2017 lead magnet possibilities and you get the bright idea of giving away an ebook to attract leads into your email funnel.

2017 lead magnet alternatives

That’s the worst idea imaginable, you know why? Because ebooks are dead and buried.

In this post I’m going to convince you that:

A. Creating an ebook as a lead magnet is stupid, and..

B. There are far superior lead magnet alternatives

Listen, I’m sure you can fill out an ebook with tons of great information that will help and benefit your niche target audience.

But the truth is, their hard drives are littered with niche related ebooks that are probably better than your crappy 5 page manifesto.

I know for a fact that optin pages and squeeze pages throughout the internet are plummeting in conversion rates due to ebook fatigue.

You shouldn’t spend one second of your precious time to create an ebook unless it’s part of your course or it supplements your already amazing lead magnet.

2017 Lead Magnet Alternatives

Now that you know the horrors of ebooks, let’s delve into the best possible alternatives:

  • Video Series
  • Quizzes
  • Software
  • Physical Product
  • Reverse squeeze page
  • Printable Items

Of course you should test to see which one of these alternatives best suits your niche target audience.

Lead Magnet Breakdown

Video Series – this is a great way to get your niche audience hooked on you and your message. It also creates a pattern and a feeling of anticipation. Here are some more reasons why:

  • Your audience is continuously returning.
  • They can get to know you.
  • It breaks down your content into manageable bites.

Quizzes – one of the best ways to get blog visitors into your email funnel is with niche targeted quizzes. Basically, the blog visitor will want to take the quiz and optin to your list to get the results.

You can build quizzes in minutes for FREE RIGHT HERE….

Software – arguably the best lead magnet idea on this list, software works great because it automates something hard or tedious for your audience. This can be anything from a desktop app to a Google chrome extension. Need I say more? Okay:

  • Easily create them for cheap on sites like Fiverr.
  • You can get resale rights to software on sites like this one.
  • You can sell upgrades for premium versions.

Physical Products – you can go to sites like Alibaba and get niche related goods for super cheap. Your audience is going dive head first into your squeeze page for something real and tangible. Here is what else you can do:

  • You can let Fulfillment By Amazon handle all the heavy lifting.
  • Charge your leads for only shipping and handling.
  • Include a ‘Thank You’ card for added perceived value.

Reverse Squeeze Page or the ‘next-next’ landing page, is a strategy used to lure your target audience into your email funnel. The first page is a sensationalized title with an image “Train Your Dog To Sit Every Time, In 5 Minutes” and a ‘next’ button.

After they click ‘next’, they’re fed some more information, then they need to click ‘next’ again to get more of the tutorial. Before they can get the last part of the tutorial they need to opt-in.

  • Easy to implement.
  • Nothing to download.
  • Simple to create.

Printable Items – it’s like the physical product idea but with nothing to ship. Printable items can be anything from quotes, to games, to checklists etc…

  • Create printables easily with Canva.
  • Have printables created for you on Fiverr for cheap.
  • Sell a printable upgrade on your ‘Thank You’ page.

2017 Lead Magnet Ideas Made Easy…

Now that you have these amazing lead magnet ideas, there is no reason to create a stupid boring old ebook that nobody wants.

Take one or all of these ideas and run with it. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Joel Gabelman says:

    Good ideas! Thanks for the links vs just advising what to do.

  • My pleasure Joel. I hope you create an irresistible lead magnet.