Use Your Warrior Forum Signature Link For Leads

This post is for all of you internet marketers out there that want a proven way to bring in fresh new leads into your funnel. Yes, I touched on this method and similar techniques in my last warrior forum post. This time, I wanted to focus on forum posting and signature leads.

Get Warrior Forum Sig Traffic

This simple method is especially helpful if you provide the following services or are in these niches:

  • Content Writer
  • MMO
  • Sales Copywriter
  • Solo Ad Provider
  • Logo Designer
  • Affiliate Manager

Some Caveats: I recommend you post on the Warrior Forum only if you have experience in the topic that’s being discussed or you have a genuine question.

I ,for example, have over 7 years experience profiting online so when the topic of ‘promoting affiliate products’ comes up I know that my past failures and success can add real value to the conversation.

Important Notice: Learn my method to profit daily online –

If there is a thread about ‘selling on Ebay’ then my mouth is shut because I have no experience on the topic. The only way I’d post something if it’s a genuine question I want answered on the subject.

Extra Sneak Tip: I highly recommend you become a war room member. Simply because you gain access to the war room. Sure, not all the free IM videos and PDFs that you find there are helpful but if you look around there long enough you’ll find strategies that will improve your internet marketing by leaps and bounds. Just check out the reviews and see what others are saying about the method you’re interested in.

Generating Traffic On The Warrior Forum

This strategy consists of posting on the warrior forum regularly (5 times a day) so that it’s members click on your signature link and optin to your email funnel. That’s it! If you do this then you’ll get leads. Here are four types of posts you need to be aware of.

Tip 1: Creating Warrior Forum Value Threads

This is a good one if you can get it to go viral on the WF. I have had popular threads and unpopular threads. When creating a value thread, try to give a unique actionable step by step method that forum members can use right away.

The most important part of this tip is to create a seductive headline that will get your thread the most clicks. You can learn about creating click-sexy headlines here.

It’s also important that you post your thread at peak hours. The best times are late afternoons or early evenings, US time zone on weekdays.

Tip 2: Creating WF Question Threads

The WF is a great place to ask questions. The beauty is, you can get answers to your questions and get leads in your email funnel all at the same time. There isn’t much strategy here, I just ask a question if I honestly have one. Just make sure to post your question in the right section and post it during peak hours.

Tip 3: Providing Value To Forum Questions

This is my bread and butter on the forum. Just go to the general section and answer questions that you know the answers too. If you’re really interested in the topic then subscribe and continue the conversation.

Get More Forum Traffic

The closer your answer is to the top the more signature clicks you’ll get. Just remember to provide real value and don’t be afraid to drop links to resources you use. Oh yea, it goes without saying that you should never post links to your site or content. That’s what your signature is for.

Tip 4: Battling Assholes On The Warrior Forum

A lot of people say that you should stay away from the negativity. I think that’s a waste of free traffic. You should engage and welcome debates and arguments on the forum. Remember not to get angry and use fowl language because you will get kicked off. Never bash another warrior or the warrior’s product.

Know your position and defend it. Debating is a great way to motivate people to chime in. If I get in it with someone I try not to explain myself, instead I try to use his or her point of view as my jumping off point. Have fun with it and don’t take it personally.

Get Your Forum Signature Right!

You should be testing out what combination of words work best to get people to click. To do this:

First: Make sure you have Google Analytics installed on your site.

Second: Add a value at the end of your URL signature link:

Third: Search your Google Analytics for pages people have been on. The ones that came to your site via the link you created came from your Warrior Forum signature.

Test out your link every other week to see which one gets the most clicks.

Important note: You should never make claims that you can’t support in your signature link. Build trust and add value on the forum, this will reflect well on you and whatever you promote in your sig section. Remember to only link to your site or squeeze page.

Easy Takeaways You Can Apply

Yes, you can do this! You just got to be consistent and add value. Not only that, it’s fun to have conversations on the warrior forum. In the beginning, stick to posting 5 comments a day. That’ll take you a solid 15 minutes if you’re providing real value.

Just to review what we talked about:

  • Create threads the provide actionable steps other warriors can take, remember to create those click sexy headlines.
  • Ask questions that you genuinely don’t know the answers to, remember to post in the right section.
  • Provide value to ongoing threads that you have experience with and don’t be afraid to add links to resources that other members can use. Remember, no self promoting link or affiliate links.
  • Don’t be afraid to engage in a friendly debate or argument, this is a great way to get more traffic to your signature.  Remember not to bash other members or their products.

Following this stupid simple method will guarantee you get fresh leads into your email funnel and at the same time, build a solid reputation.

Did I leave something out? Let me know in the comments section!