Free squeeze page builder guide + templates

I have for you a free squeeze page builder guide on creating kick-ass squeeze pages. Trust me when I say it’s super easy and simple to do. If a fool like me can do it, I’m sure you can too!

Step 1: Download NVU (Free HTML editor)

Step 2: Read and watch everything on this page

Step 3: Upload your new squeeze page to your host

Special Note: here are some of  the squeeze page templates I used in the video.

I recommend that you watch the free squeeze page builder video first then follow up with the written guide below. Everything minus the Aweber service is free. As always, show me some love and please share this info if you found it useful, thanks. Contact me if you have any questions. Let’s begin:

What is a squeeze page?

free squeeze page builder
If you think a squeeze page simply is a way to gather leads then you are technically right! However, I think it’s more than that, I see it as a ‘Chance’. And like many other chances in life, we only have moments to capitalize on it.

That’s why your ‘squeeze game’ has to be tight! You can’t be messing around with slow image load times and lame hooks or generic lead magnets.

Essential Parts Of a Squeeze Page

Niche Traffic – visitors who are interested in a specific subject like dog care, weight loss, internet marketing, cooking etc… You might pay for this traffic or it might be free, whatever the case, your squeeze page must appeal to them and compel them to opt-in. You usually have seconds to accomplish this.

TIP: paid traffic is better then free traffic since free traffic is never really free because of the time investment you have to put in.

Sales Hook – the first sentence that your traffic sees that instructs them to opt-in for a gift or other lead magnet. Some examples include “Sign Up Today & Get The 9 Hacks That Will Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine!” Or “Don’t Be a Victim Of The IRS! Sign Up Today & Get Our Free Ebook On Out Smarting The Tax Man!” As you can see these statements require an action and the benefits to the visitor are to the point.

TIP: sales copy is an entire art on it’s own. Make sure your hook is to the point and it should have clear call to action. You should definitely research sales copy further.

Images – they say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the internet marketing business, that ability is worth a thousand dollars. You’ll have one main image, usually located under the hook. It works together with the sales hook to deliver a powerful cohesive message to your niche traffic.

TIP: you have seconds to grab your visitors attention so make sure your images load quickly. I use Amazon AWS (not an affiliate link) because it loads images super fast and it’s super cheap. I’m talking like pennies a month!

What is The Optin Box & Lead Magnet?

Opt In Box – located under the image this is where your visitor will put his or her information,usually name & email, to claim the free gift you promised. This service is provided by Aweber, they provide you with a bit of code to place on your squeeze page in order for it to work.

TIP: some newbie internet marketers prefer the single opt-in but I usually go for the double opt-in because the traffic is of a better quality.

Lead Magnet – this is what entices your niche traffic to opt-in, make sure it’s appealing enough! There are many kinds of lead magnets like free ebooks, free video guides, free software and free free physical goods. Always make sure your lead magnet is niche specific and of good quality.

TIP: some newbie marketers trip up on this part because they think they have nothing of value to offer their niche traffic (including me back in the day). Trust me, if you can’t make your own lead magnet then you can always get resale products for very cheap at sites like or you could frame your CPA offer as a lead magnet.

I can write tons more on the four points I just covered so I recommend researching them further to improve your squeeze game!

Editing your free squeeze page builder with NVU

First off, NVU is the free squeeze page builder. It’s not difficult to use, it just looks difficult. Please refer to the video as many times as you need to get this part down right.

So what is NVU? It’s an open source/free html editor. Once you download it, install it and open it. You’ll notice four tabs at the bottom left; Normal, HTML Tags, Source & Preview. For our purposes we are just going to use the Normal tab.

Lets begin with the sales hook, at the top of NVU on the Normal tab you should type in your hook. After you type it in, highlight it and click ‘center’ at the top. While the sales hook is highlighted you can change it’s color and size.

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Under your sales hook you’ll place your image. It can be an image of your Ebook or some other compelling image.

Click ‘enter’ once or twice after your sales hook then at the top of NVU click on the image icon. In the ‘image location’ section, paste the URL of your image and type in “Sign Up” in the ‘Alternative text’ section. That’s right, your image should be online and not on your computer.

With your mouse, pull and re-size your image until it looks good under your sales hook. Now save that file as “sqlander”. We will come back to this file later.

editing your squeeze page with NVU

Creating Your Thank You Page

The ‘thank you’ page is the page that your visitor will see after they opt-in. This is where you can sell them a related product (up-sell) or you can give them what you promised right then and there. It’s up to you.

To create one with the free squeeze page builder just use the squeeze page you created and save it under another name like “thankyou”. Now just delete the image and change the sales hook to “Thank You” in big bold letters. Under that you should type in something to the effect of: “Please Check Your Email Inbox To Claim Your Free Gift!”

editing your thank you page with NVU

Save it and you are done for now.

Adding code to the free squeeze page builder

Aweber (the one I use but there are many others) is an auto email responder that allows you to load many emails to your list and send them periodically. It’s about $12 a month but that price increases after you reach a certain list size. You get a free one month trial to start.

Login into your Aweber account and follow the steps to create a mailing list. It’s pretty straight forward. After you create your mailing list and your first message you’ll be directed to create a ‘sign up form’. Choose any template you want and delete everything except the name, email and submit button.

Just keep the name, email and submit sections

Save that and you’ll be taken to ‘step 2’. Name the sign up form and type in the URL of your ‘thank you’ page into the thank you page section. Example:

Setting up your URL for your sign up form

Save that as well, now you will be taken to ‘step 3’. Click on the “I Will Install My Form” tab and then, click on the “Raw HTML Version”. Copy the entire HTML code.

Copy and Paste your code

Now, go to your saved HTML squeeze page file: sqlander.html

Open that with NVU, switch from the ‘Normal’ tab to the ‘Source’ tab. Paste the Aweber code right under the ‘image style’ code. Now return to the ‘Normal’ tab. We are almost done!

Pasting Aweber code into your squeeze page

your end result

We gotta upload this to your server. It’s not difficult, just follow the steps below.

Uploading your squeeze page via FileZilla

There are many FTP clients out there but I use FileZilla because it’s free and it’s great. It’s just a tool that allows you to move (upload) files from your computer to your web host. Open FileZilla and put the information it needs at the top so that it can access your server. Type in your Cpanel host, username and password. Don’t worry about the ‘Port’ section.

If you don’t have this info, contact your web host provider to get it. Once you type in the info FileZilla needs just click ‘Quick Connect’. You’ll notice to sections in FileZilla, the files on the left are the files on your computer and the files on the right are the files on your web host.

On the web host side, scroll down until you see ‘public_html’, click on that. Look for the domain that you want to upload your pages to. Click on that domain.

On the computer side of FileZilla, scroll down and click on the file that your squeeze page and thank you page are in. Now drag those two pages in the file on the right. It should upload in a second.

FilaZilla Uploads your pages!

Now you can go to your browser and put in the URLs to see your pages on line. Example:


You have just successfully created a squeeze page & thank you page with your Aweber code and NVU! Put in your name and email to test it. You should be taken to your thank you page after opting in.

Tracking your squeeze pages to see what converts!

Now you have a powerful free squeeze page builder tool that will allow you to put leads into your sales funnel. I urge you to make a few squeeze pages and send paid traffic to them to see which one converts best! You can see which one converts best in your Aweber account in the ‘Sign Up Forms’ section. Ditch the loser squeeze pages and keep the highest converting one.

Re-watch the free squeeze page builder video guide and re-read this info carefully to get your squeeze game down tight. Contact me if you have any questions. Remember to share this content if you found it useful and beneficial. Have a great day!

  • Great advice! Thanks! I can’t wait to get started! I really appreciate it!

  • Glad you liked it. If you have any questions, let me know

  • Loved it thank you. Was wondering though do you need FileZilla, can you not take the code from Aweber and place it into your webpage? I use wordpress

  • Hey Miranda, yes you need a service like filezilla (free) to put it into your hosting, these are stand alone landing pages.

  • Ike, This is an amazingly thorough and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks!

  • Thank you for saying so Scott, I hope you make good use of it