Mom’s Entrepreneurial Lessons Plus 7 Random Blogging Tips

Sometimes a little perspective from a person on the outside can really clear things up. It can be anybody, from an old man to a 5 year old toddler. In this story, I share how I got a master class in entrepreneurialism from my mom…

entrepreneurial lessons from momHopefully these ideas can help you in your online pursuits like they did for me.

How My Mom Tuned Me Into an Entrepreneur…

I was 9 or 10 at the time, it was a hot summer day in Miami Fla. I just got back home from school with a box full of war heads. It’s a type of candy with a super sour shell and a sweet middle.

These candies were very popular with the kids at my school, we liked to test each other to see how many War Heads we could eat. So I got a bag of 50 for $4 from the local candy shop, I was going to train myself to eat more than any other kid.

My mom walked in and asked me what I was doing? I told her the story and she explained what ‘demand’ was and that I found a ‘demand’ for something I have, the warheads.

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She knew I loved Nintendo games so she asked “What are you going to do? Are you going to sit here alone and hurt your mouth? Or do you want to have fun with your friends and at the same time make money for Mega Man 2?”

The next day I was selling warheads for 20 cents a pop (almost double my investment). It was great, until the next day a teacher said I couldn’t sell on school grounds anymore. I told my mom, and she quickly remarked “it doesn’t matter, you tried something and you got a good result”.

In three short afternoons, she taught me supply and demand, the willingness to act on opportunity and the importance of validating an idea….

Take Away Notes & Thoughts About Content Marketing….

Sometimes folks around me ask why and how I started my own online business? After all, I have no computer programming background; and I’m by no means ‘Tech-savvy’.

I simply tell them the truth:

  • I just wanted to buy my time back.
  • It’s easy as hell these days to get your content and products out there.

So I ask YOU….

How much will it take to kill your day job? Or how much do you need to pay all the bills and have money left over to both save and spend? For me, the answer to that was $3,500 a month, or a $117 a day.

Besides wanting my time back, I also knew that starting a business today is easier than ever. Everything can be done online and a lot of it can be automated! Plus, the overhead is extremely low.

What Is Internet Marketing?

This mean, if you have passion and knowledge about a niche then there is nothing holding you back from starting a business. You can:

  • get resell products from Ali-Baba
  • set up a store using Shopify
  • create info products using Udemy
  • set up a WordPress blog and Youtube channel
  • drive traffic with paid Facebook ads
  • etc..

All you need is to apply yourself, the barrier of entry is so low. The world is your pearl, you just have to reach out and grab it.

Here Are 7 Random Blogging Tips To Help You And Your Blog

Here are 3 unique and effective tips to implement any holiday into your marketing plan to gain a bump in traffic to your site or blog!

Tip 1: Holiday Round Up – create a google survey (its free) then ask influencers in your space how they will uniquely celebrate the upcoming holiday. Email them the survey, copy and paste their answers to your blog then publish it. Make sure to include your contributes links in the post. When published, ask the contributes to promote. They will be happy to promote because it’s free press. You’ll be sure to get a bonanza of traffic!

Tip 2: Guerilla Marketing Method – simply go out in your city with your site’s domain on a t-shirt and a holiday related accessory (Xmas: white beard & Santa hat). If you can, make a day of it with your friends and have them wear the holiday accessory as well. People will ask and look bringing in more traffic and questions.

Guerilla Marketing Method

Tip 3: Your YouTube Channel – if you have a YouTube channel I recommend that you make a video, like you would normally in your niche but with the addition of a holiday related accessory. Don’t explain why you have the accessory on, just make a YouTube video like you would normally. This will draw attention and clicks to your site/business.

Of course all of these tips can work together for even more traffic.

Best Method To Get Motivated For Content Creation

Tip 4:  I used to suffer from a lack of motivation back in the day, until I made an effort to get routinely ‘threatened’.

WAIT! I don’t want to scare you off! Let me explain and elaborate on what I mean….

You need to put yourself in a state where only the moment matters. You can try to sit there and attempt to conceptualize it with meditation but that requires years of practice and skill.

To truly put yourself in the moment ,as soon as possible, you need to feel threatened. I ,personally, accomplish this with weight lifting and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Trust when I say that  life becomes simple and clear when you have a 90 lb weight over your head or someone is trying to choke you.

These are just two avenues, you could also try sprinting, mountain biking, marathon running etc.. Whatever puts you in the ‘Now’

Forget about the cascade of body and brain benefits these activities give you. That’s icing on the cake. Again, I know this sounds weird but If you want to get centered again fast, then get threatened.

Your Blog Should Be Fast, Mobile Friendly & Easy To Navigate

Tip 5: Your site needs to be lighting fast! If you are using WordPress then I recommend the Comet Cache plugin to create a cached version of your website; so that the search engines don’t have to retrieve your content every single time someone clicks in.

Tip 6: To make your site mobile friendly, you can either install a mobile friendly theme for free in the WordPress dashboard or get the WordPress Jet-pack plugin that will prepare a ready made mobile version of your site.

Make Blog Mobile Friendly

Tip 7:  Also user engagement is different on smart phones then on desktops. It’s important to limit your visitor’s link options, if she or he has to think about where to go next on your blog then you’re endanger of losing that visitor.

This will increase your bounce rate and in turn decrease your rankings. The solution, keep your most important links at the top (Home, Freebie, eCommerce, blog) and the admin ones (terms of use, privacy policy, contact us, about us) at the bottom.

Would you like to add to this collection of random content marketing tips and advice? If you do, just leave your thoughts in the comment section below.