Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Are you ready to get free YouTube subscribers the smart and easy way? Lets begin, much like a lot of newbies starting out on YouTube, there are a few milestones you want to set and achieve.

One of the basic ones is hitting the first 1,000 subscribers and moving forward from there.

This is the most basic milestone goal, and you can also start live streaming when you hit that goal.

While you only need a hundred subscribers to do that officially, having 10 times that can help you get more views and increased visibility on the network.

Here are a few tips for getting started with your first 1,000 YouTube subscribers. This method to get free YouTube subscribers is based off the best and the most effective methods, and is not something that will get you to your goal in just one day:

1) Strategically name your YouTube videos

Naming your video may be the most difficult thing. For instance, you have that specific name in your head but you just cannot put it into a meaningful and attractive order. If you over do it, it can become complex and somewhat boring.

If you under-do it, it may not do justice to your YouTube videos and your channel. The trick lies in smart word planning.

Keeping it relevant, basic and solution filled. Click baiting is another tactic which is quite popular on YouTube, this can also help you get the views you want.

However, too much of it and you can develop a negative reputation.

My advice is to choose your words carefully while also keeping it basic enough to understand clearly and still be clickable.

Here is what you do:

  • Base your video titles, descriptions and tags on search terms (keywords) you find in the YouTube search bar.
  • When writing your title try to use this formula (number or trigger word / adjective / keyword / promise) a title example might look like this: 5 Astonishing Avocado Hacks You Can’t Live Without!

2) Post Relevant and useful content frequently

While pretty much every type of video is already on YouTube, there is always room to get your audience base in the niche you’re interested in.

You can put your own specific twist and flare to your videos regardless of the topic. At this point and time, the video topic or niche may be same but the personalities and the concepts are what matters now.

You can achieve your goals by employing different YouTube strategies like unique editing styles, unique scripts, different characters, sounds, topics etc.

What I’m basically saying here is, let your personality shine through. You’re not meant for everyone but you are meant for some.

Let those people ,who like you, be your tribe.

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3) Be cheerful and comedic

Much like most platforms, people come on YouTube for a reason – to be entertained. If you are way too serious in your videos, it can be a turn off.

However, if your whole YouTube personality is based off of you being serious, then that is something completely different.

But, in most cases, showing your lighter side will be more positive than negative. Showing things like bloopers and doing things to show that you are, in fact, a human being will help your audience understand and relate with you much more.

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4) Channel design

Channel design is an important part of being a YouTuber. Your channel homepage showcases who you are and what your channel is about. If your channel has paint drawings and terribly formatted images, then you may have a problem on your hands. Unless, that is literally your YouTube persona.

Create beautiful headers that attract users and viewers. This will allow you to be the face of professionalism.

Pro Tip: Use ready made YouTube images from Canva or create your own, Canva is super easy to use.

5) Create customized thumbnails

Creating thumbnails is an easy way to get free YouTube subscribers, click bait is something on the rise these days. Believe it or not, channels that were against it are shifting towards click baiting as it is a sure shot way of increasing the number of viewers by up to 30%.

It is not a coincidence that people with compelling content but bad thumbnails (and titles) receive less views than the same video with well-placed and customized thumbnails.

Remember, thumbnails exist for a reason, and you should take advantage; whether it is giving extra information about the video, telling the premise of the video or just going all out click bait, it is there to enable you to send a message beyond the title.

Hot Tip: A great free place to create sexy-thumbnails is Canva.

6) Call to Action

A Call to Action on YouTube basically means that you ask people to subscribe, it is an easy way to get free YouTube subscribers, tell your audience to hit that thumbs up button and comment.

Believe it or not, this is an effective way. Most of the time, people will unknowing watch the video without clicking the like (or even subscribe) button. A well placed ‘Call to Action’ allows them to be more active and actually click the buttons you want.

It may seem dumb, but it does improve the number of likes and subscribers so don’t be afraid to tell your audience what you want them to do.

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7) Use YouTube cards to get more subscribers

YouTube cards are useful, they pop up in your videos when you want them to, and they serve the same purpose as the aforementioned call to action.

While YouTube cards aren’t as effective as CTAs on their own, you can direct your audience to click on them whenever they appear on screen.

Pro Tip: If you add a subscribe button YouTube Card, then you have increased your chances of gaining new subscribers.

Just remember, to get even more free YouTube subscribers, YouTube Cards are easy to implement and really are effective.

8) A compelling, entertaining and relevant channel trailer.

It happens quite often, one of your videos might gain a lot of views overnight. In that case, if someone wants to subscribe to your channel and goes through your channel’s home page, he or she will most probably look at your channel’s trailer.

Your channel’s trailer needs to be engaging, relevant, attractive and showcase your content in a positive way. For instance, if I make gaming videos, I would want to compile some of the best scenes I’ve recorded and put them in the trailer.

Whatever you end up creating for your YouTube trailer, remember that it needs to represent you, your content and your channel.

9) Be yourself, leave the acting to Daniel Day-Lewis

This is the real doozy here, most people think that being overly hyped in their YouTube videos makes for a great channel. But, the best channels are the ones filled with genuine people.

You cannot get tired of being yourself (or original so to speak) but you can get tired of being someone you’re not.

People like the human side of YouTube, and it doesn’t cost you anything. Do yourself a favor and just be yourself and crank out those videos.

10) Promote your videos and stop looking for shortcuts

Much like every other kind of promotion, YouTube promotion doesn’t come easy. If you’re a channel just starting off, you need to do tons of grunt work to achieve your channel goals.

It is important to stop looking for shortcuts like using bots, changing the html to make it seem like you have more viewers, using basic-end trickery to get subscribers etc…

Promoting your content never stops, whether you’re at a hundred subscribers or a hundred thousand. Although, it is much harder in the beginning.

There are no shortcuts to get free YouTube subscribers, you just got to constantly grind.

Get free YouTube Subscribers

11) Mention your channel in relevant places like Amazon Reviews.

This is a well-known type of advertisement in the blogging industry. However, this can be used just as efficiently for YouTube channels.

If your channel revolves around things like cooking tips, gardening tips, electronics, reviews, unboxings etc. then you have the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Amazon reviews.

For instance, if you run a channel which reviews smartphones, you can make a video about a specific smartphone you unlocked and later write about it on Amazon reviews. In the middle of the review, at the beginning or at the end of it, mention your YouTube channel by name.

This is a powerful method for getting tons of views to your channel, especially when you consider it really isn’t a lot of extra work but the payoff is great.

This method to get free YouTube subscribers is pretty useful and really effective, so please use it.

12) Use Reddit Like a BOSS

Reddit is a very unforgiving place where your niche community will easily turn your self-esteem into a pile of trash but the payoff is worth the risk. To get free YouTube subscribers through reddit however, you need to have extremely compelling and well-made content.

If not, you will be made fun of in many different ways and ultimately get booted off the subreddit.

Pro Tip: The task is to find dozens of subreddits which are relevant to your videos and promote your YouTube channel.

Using subreddit is like this, if you have great niche related content then it will be a massive success. However, if you have trash content and you show it to the wrong subreddit, you’ll have a disaster on your hands and the pitch forks will come out.

13) Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to extend your reach

A very popular method to get free YouTube subscribers is to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is hardly anyone without a social media account, it’s pretty obvious why.

It’s basically free advertising if done correctly. You can attract people from different places on the internet and funnel them into your YouTube channel.

Plus, if you upload a new video, you can tell your followers on the big three social media websites and it will surely give you a boost in initial views.

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Get Free YouTube Subscribers With These Tips

That’s about it, if you take action on these tips and are consistent then you will find success in your niche.

I know, it’s scary putting yourself out there like that, but it really is a great way to communicate with your niche audience.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, do you agree with these tips?

  • Hey Ike, once again thanks for the great info here, I been wanting to learn how to do utube, Im just kinda shy? lol. But I have seen your first few times you have done it and hey we all mess up. Just letting you know ill be doing mine soon, thanks again for all the info.

  • I feel you, you got to do your best and put yourself out there.

    It’s so important to find people that you can help in a specific niche and provide them with real value.

    I just think YouTube is such a great way to do that, I hope my videos post and my other forms a content can help you do that