What Is Internet Marketing

I wanted to do this for a long time. Today I’m going to give you a simple explanation of what internet marketing is, but first, watch this video guide:

As you can see, internet marketing can be broken up into three different components:

If you get these three components right, then you can potentially start a successful online business.

Find What People Want First

Never, ever start with what ‘YOU THINK IS A GOOD IDEA’.

That’s probably the worst idea, it’s usually better to use a keyword tool to find out exactly what people want.

The more specific the better, this is what we call a ‘Niche’. For example, ‘Weight Loss’ is not a niche, that’s a market. ‘Slow Carb Diet Recipes’ is a niche. Not only is it specific, but it lets you know how your audience wants to achieve their goals.

If you need help with that, I recommend you check out this detailed guide.

Locate Where These People Are Online

After you find your niche it’s time to find out where they ‘hang out’ online. This totally depends on your niche.

There could also be multiple places online where they hang out, and chat about the niche you’re targeting.

If you’re in the ‘German Shepard Fur Grooming’ niche then there might be a entire Facebook group focused on this topic.

Get Them To Your Site With Value

The third part of this process is getting your niche traffic to your niche site. To do this they need a reason to visit.

This is where your content and lead magnets come into play.

Your niche blog’s sole purpose it to help people solve problems within your niche. This is your Value Proposition.

This can be done with posts, videos and offers.

Gather Niche Specific Leads

The sad truth is, most people who visit your niche site will never return again. To help combat this, and to strengthen your relationship with your audience, you need to collect leads.

A lead is someone who is interested in solving a problem that you can contact and help solve. There are a number of ways to do this:

  • Create a Facebook group
  • Install push notifications
  • Collect emails

The best lead collection method is email marketing. Your niche audience will respond better to your message if they get an email from you in their inbox.

With email marketing you’ll have plenty of chances to offer your audience solutions (both free & paid) to their problems. This will regualry expose them to your brand and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

To do this correctly, you’ll need a squeeze page (landing page with an optin form) and a lead magnet (ethical bribe for their email).

If you’re looking for a free way to build a squeeze page then check out this resource.

If you want an easy way to create lead magnets then you should check this out.

This Is Internet Marketing

Now that you know what Internet marketing is, do you still want to do it?

what is internet marketing

At the time of writing this today, four people bought my BJJ t-shirts, four people bought baby shower printables and six people bought IM courses from me.

That means, I’ve helped multiple people around the world to:

  • express their love for Brazilian Jujitsu.
  • put on a fun baby shower.
  • profit online.

How can you help people online in a niche? Answer that, and the rest will fall into place.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.