Landing Page Templates Free Download

These landing page templates are free for you to download, they can help you get more subscribers into your email marketing campaign.

One of the best ways (if not the best way) to convert blog visitors into buyers is with email marketing.
To do that you need a front end funnel, this includes:

  • a squeeze page.
  • a thank you page.
  • a bonus page.
  • An autoresponder (this is the one I use, Get it here…)
  • a hosting service (this is my host, Get it here…)

You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars a year for services that will create these pages for you, but today I’m giving all of this to you for free (minus the autoresponder & hosting).

Not only that, I’m also going to show you exactly how to edit them and upload your profit-generating landing pages to your host.

Free Landing Pages in Multiple Niches

First thing you need to do is download all of my free landing pages:

Don’t Forget To also download NVU, you’re going need it to edit my free landing page templates.

Now you need to understand how they work together.

First, a visitor lands on your Squeeze page and sees your freebie gift (lead magnet). He or she opts in to get your freebie.

Your new subscriber is then taken to your Thank You page, where you thank them for opting in and instruct them to check their email inbox to get the free gift.

Also on the Thank You page, you can offer a niche related product, it can be your product or an affiliate product. This is called a One Time Offer or OTO for short.

free landing page templates

Bonus pages are NOT part of your front-end funnel, they are used later when you are promoting a niche related affiliate offer.

These pages are used to attach niche related products as bonuses to an affiliate product you are promoting, this will make your affiliate offer even more attractive. This in-turn leads to higher conversion rates.

Squeeze Page Edit & Upload Guide

This is the FIRST page your visitors will land on, it’s also where you collect their emails. Fire up NVU and open the squeeze page you want from the ‘OPEN’ tab inside of NVU.

Click on the text and edit it to include your hook and lead magnet information. The default text reads like this:

“Discover How To X With Y In Under Z Days… 100% FREE”

  • X – solution to problem
  • Y – your freebie (AKA lead magnet)
  • Z – time bound promise

X should be first but feel free to switch Y and Z to your liking.
Here are some examples in several niches:

Discover how to potty train your child in under 30 days with my 12 step cheat sheet… 100% FREE

Discover how to quit smoking in under 25 days with my 7 day video course… 100% FREE

Discover how to diminish wrinkles in week with my all-natural skin tightening recipe… 100% FREE

These are just some examples, feel free to play around with the text anyway you want.

squeeze page for MMO

Here are some edits you can make to these squeeze pages:

Change Background Image – click on the ‘img’ file in the folder where your page is contained. Delete the current background image and add your new image. Your image must be a 3000×2000 pixel .JPG file. You also need to name it ‘backgroundimage’.

Add Video – you can find the embed code under the video you want to use. Just click on ‘share’ and then click on ’embed’. On NVU, click on the ‘source’ button and add the YouTube embed code between the text you want it to appear on. Make sure you edit the width of the video to 500 pixels.

Add Name Field – click on the ‘source’ button, copy and paste this code:<input name=”name” onclick=”this.value=”;” class=”inp” value=”NAME” type=”text”> above the <input name=”email” code.

Add Your Email Code – click on the ‘source’ button and replace the following PINK TEXT with your autoresponder code and Thank You page URL:

<div style=”display: none;”><input name=”meta_web_form_id” value=”00000000” type=”hidden”><input name=”meta_split_id” value=”” type=”hidden”><input name=”listname” value=”awlist000000” type=”hidden”><input name=”redirect” value=”http://yourblog/thankyoupage” type=”hidden”>

Once you’re done with the edits click the ‘Save’ button and prepare to upload your landing page to your hosting service.

To upload it to your host you first need to download FileZilla (Its Free), you can download that right here…

Once you’ve downloaded FileZilla It’s just a matter of adding some info then dragging and dropping your squeeze page.

Upload your landing page to your host:

  1. Add your hosting information like in the video and connect to your host.
  2. Click on ‘public_HTML’ and find the site you want to upload the landing page to.
  3. Click on the site then drag the file from your computer into your site’s folder on your host.

Your landing page is now online!

Thank You Page Edit & Upload Guide

This is the landing page your new subscriber will see after he or she opts into your squeeze page.

Start up NVU and select the Thank You page you’d like to use. The default text is all you need, just edit the bold areas.

Thank You & Welcome!
Your Free X Is On It’s Way…

Please Check Your Email Inbox Or Junk
Folder To Claim Your Free Gift…

…In The Meantime, Learn How To X
With This Limited Time Video Guide
Watch It Here…

Replace the first X with the freebie you promised and the second X with the niche problem your offer will solve.

thank you page for dating for men

Link the ‘Watch It Here‘ text with the offer you want to promote. If you want to change the background, add video or upload it to your site, then follow the exact same steps I used for the squeeze pages.

IMPORTANT: remember to take your ‘thank you’ page link and use it as the redirect link for your squeeze page. Here is how to do email marketing right – Learn more here…

Bonus Page Edit And Upload Guide

This landing page is used to incentivize affiliate products that you are promoting. You can quickly edit this page to add videos, bonuses and your affiliate links.

landing page templates free download in html

Edit the default text to match the affiliate offer you’d like to promote

Get X Affiliate Product + All 5 Bonuses
Get X Product + All 5 Bonuses Here!
Your Name: X Product is a straight forward way to do Y.
X does a great job of giving you all the tools you need to accomplish Y quickly and easily.
I’ve used this myself, it consists of A, B and C.
This method to Y is not going to get you the results you want over night, you need to Z on a regular basis.
CONS: of affiliate product.
PROS: of affiliate product.
If you get X product via my affiliate link I will also send you these 5 bonuses that will help you do X…
Get X Product + All 5 Bonuses Here!
You get it all if you purchase through my affiliate link.
You have everything you need to Y but you need to hurry, This X is going up in price any-time now.
I have no control over the pricing of this product so act today, and lock-in at this incredibly low price, PLUS Claim All 5 Bonuses!

The default text is the standard template I use when I create bonus pages, fill it out accordingly:

  • X – the affiliate product you’re promoting.
  • Video – the video explaining the product (pros & cons) and the bonuses.
  • Y – the problem the affiliate product solves.
  • A, B & C – the contents of the affiliate product.
  • Bonuses – the digital products you promised your subscriber if they buy via your affiliate link.
  • Pros & Cons – what you liked and didn’t like about the product you are promoting.
  • Underlined Sentences – this is where you add your affiliate link. It’s a snap with the NVU editor.

HTML edits you might want to do:

  • Change Background Image- same as squeeze page set-up.
  • Add Video – same as squeeze page set-up.

Once you’re finished with the edits you can easily upload it to your host using the same method I showed you with the squeeze page.

Landing Page Templates Free Download!

There are many reasons why you’ll want to use these landing pages, here are some things to remember:

Mobile Friendly – Not only do these landing pages function on all major browsers, they all also look great on smart phones and other mobile devices.

Designed For High Conversions – The beauty about these squeeze pages are their simplicity. They’re proven squeeze pages with a history of high conversions that you can use to your advantage.

SEO Friendly – These landing pages are coded (no follow & no index) so that they don’t interfere with your blog’s SEO rankings.

Customized For You – You can link to your own terms of use, privacy policy and contact page easily with NVU, just highlight the text and link to your own pages.

Build Your Email List And Make Sales!

You have everything you need to create high converting front end funnels in minutes. The best part it’s all free.

I do have some recommendations I use myself:

  • Siteground – the best hosting for your site hands down!
  • Aweber – this is the autoresponder service I’ve been using for years.
  • The Ignition – this course is a powerful video instructional on how to profit online with simple squeeze pages. I also bundled this product with a bunch of bonuses to ensure success.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more updates and videos. Okay, now you need to take this information and put it to use today.

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