Clean Up Email List!

Listen, you’re going to hate cleaning your email list because you worked so hard to collect them. The truth is, some leads aren’t opening your emails so they GOT-TO-GO! Watch this video and learn why:

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It’s easy but heart-breaking to clean up your email list. Here is how you do it.

First, Target Your ‘No Opens’

To clean up your email list first go to your subscriber’s area:

  1. Click on select field
  2. Scroll and choose ‘no opens’
  3. Select ‘since’ a month ago
  4. Then click the plus button to add another condition

You are not done, you want to save your fresh leads.

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Second, Save Your Fresh Leads

You don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Make sure you save your new leads after selecting your ‘no opens’ like this:

  1. Click and scroll to ‘date added’
  2. Select ‘date is before’ a month ago
  3. Then click ‘search’

Okay, now you have all of the subscribers you want to remove while keeping your fresh leads.

Now Delete The Dead Weight

I know it’s difficult to do, you worked so hard to collect these subscribers but they are holding you down.

They’re keeping your emails from reaching the people who actually want to listen to you.

Delete and move on.

clean up email list

The Purge Is Done!

Remember you should do this once a year or every six months, if your list is big.

If you’re a newbie then just focus on getting leads into your email list.

You gotta think of this as an actual business and not a hobby. If you’re subscribed to my email list then I’m going to treat you and talk to you like an internet marketer.

It’s time to get serious. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.