Niche Baby To Profit Online

This is a no-fluff way to enter any competitive niche. First you gotta unlearn all the crap you’ve been told, let me explain what I mean in this video:

Here’s the thing, you can’t just jump into any competitive niche. You gotta find and nurture a niche baby from a competitive niche parent.

What’s a Competitive Niche Parent (Market)

A good example of a competitive niche parent is something like ‘weight loss’.

You know for a FACT you could make a ton of passive money online, if your blog magically came up number #1 on Google for the term ‘weight loss’.

The term ‘weight loss’ gets over 360,000 searches a month. All you would need is a useful lead magnet, a lead capture page and an ethical digital weight-loss product.

The problem is, the term ‘weight loss’ is crazy competitive! You would have an EXTREMELY tough time ranking or advertising for that highly competitive keyword.

What’s a Niche Baby

The bigger a competitive evergreen niche-parent is, the more off-spring it WILL undoubtedly have. Your job is to find these niche babies and nourish them.

Here are some examples:

  • Weight loss (market) – OMAD diet benefits (niche baby)
  • Gaming (market) – hyper casual games (niche baby)
  • Dating (market) – funny pick up line memes (niche baby)
  • etc..

Niche babies can be toddlers or newborns (launch jacking for example). Now it’s time to find them and build content around them.

Find & Nurture a Niche Baby

Your job is simple, and it can be summed into three little tasks:

  • Look for long-tail keywords that are on the rise.
  • If you can, get the keyword as a domain, as long as it’s not a brand or trademarked.
  • Don’t forget to look for search volume and competition.

After that, you find out what that market wants and give it to them.

  • Create your website.
  • Make a squeeze page & lead magnet.
  • Build content using posts, videos and images.
  • Be consistent.
  • Sell them something that will help them.

That’s basically it, I entered the internet marketing niche because I knew I could rank for rising keywords.

And I also knew my experience in previous niches could help you understand how to build a business online.

niche baby marketing

What’s Holding You Back?

I recommend you use the search bar on this site if you have questions on anything I mentioned here.

Nothing is hard to do, just a little time consuming, but once you have a system in place you can start earning online passively.

Do you already have a niche baby? If not, tell me why below.

  • aarushi123blog says:

    Thanks for sharing the post about niche baby to profile online.

  • I love the way you share all of the information. What was the tee shirt company you mentioned? It’s different from the one you mention in Printly 2.0. Thanks again.

  • Hey Peggy, thanks for your kind words. In printly I mentioned both sunfrog and teepublic. In the niche baby video I just mentioned sunfrog. I like them both. They both pay you via paypal.

  • I really like the information and the way you break down. I got to say you are one of the best teachers I have found online today. You make it seem so simple to get started. I enjoy reading your post because I get so much out of them. Keep up the good work.

  • I appreciate the kind words Donna, I just relate what has and hasn’t worked for me. If you can get value out of that, then I’m a happy man.

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    Great examples given by you in each field. Branding is indeed the most important task in bringing popularity to your business.


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