Viral SociMasters Review

Important: I have custom bonuses attached to my Viral SociMasters review, to claim them you’ll need to get Viral Socimasters through this page.

Viral SociMasters goes live on Feb. 22nd at 10 AM Eastern Time. I’m going to breakdown what this method is all about in my Viral SociMasters review.

What Is Viral SociMasters About?

I just got done going over the Virl SociMasters method and course, this is a completely new system. Alicia Lyttle did an amazing job with this recurring online income method.

This course leverages Facebook Events and their new algorithm. Facebook events gets more traffic then any other feature within Facebook. Inside of Viral SociMasters, Alicia teaches you how to harness Facebook Events to bring in loads of traffic for local businesses.

Learn to sell this service to local business from the comfort of your home. The presenter of this method is Alicia Lyttle, she currently makes a recurring income online selling these types of services to local businesses.

She is revealing everything she knows about this highly profitable business model inside of Viral SociMasters.

Viral SociMasters review
Viral SociMasters review

This is a newbie friendly method, all that is required for this to work is a laptop, an internet connection and the willingness to put this method into action. Everything is taught inside, here is what the modules cover:

  • 1: The Big Picture & The Impact
  • 2: Different Ways To Get Paid
  • 3: How To Get Clients
  • 4: The FB Local App
  • 5: How To Run The Program
  • 6: Facebook Event Generator (software)
  • 7: How To Show The Value to The Clients

Alicia reveals everything within Viral SociMasters, nothing is kept hidden.

Why I Like Viral SociMasters

I must say, I found Viral SociMasters to be a refreshing new way to earn online, it really is a business in a box. This method is well organized and it comes with everything you need:

  • 7 Modules
  • Step-By-Step Videos
  • PDF guides (video cliff notes)
  • Workbooks (to manage work flow)
  • Templates (to approach local biz)
  • Software (Facebook Event Generator)

Because of the immense amount of value inside the course, my Viral SociMasters bonus bundle is going to revolve around a different way to profit online using Pinterest.

My Custom Viral SociMasters Bonus Set

As I stated, I want to provide a different way to profit online. Grab my Custom Viral SociMasters bonuses.

  • Best Performing Pinterest Image – Bonus #1
  • 27 Greatest Niches For Pinterest – Bonus #2
  • How To Get Tons Of Pinterest Traffic – Bonus #3
  • Get Invited Into Niche Pinterest Groups – Bonus #4
  • Number #1 Affiliate Network For Pinterest – Bonus #5
  • Plus All Bonuses Included With Viral SociMasters

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Upgrades And OTOs

There are three Viral SociMasters upgrades with three different downsells, they are as follows:

viral socimasters review

I recommend upgrade number two because it automates a lot of the work. I also recommend upgrade number #3 because I think these case studies are great to watch and learn from.

Viral SociMasters Review & Verdict

I was really impressed by this new and proven method because Alicia Lyttle demonstrates how easy it is to sell ‘Facebook Events’ to local businesses.

Viral SociMasters is also jam packed with useful video guides, workbooks, templates, software and pdf instructions to help any newbie succeed with this digital business in a box.

Viral SociMasters review

Did my Viral SociMasters review answer all your questions about this method?

If you need more information about why ‘Facebook Events’ is such a powerful traffic source for local businesses, then read on.

7 Reasons Why Facebook Events Is a Traffic Monster

# 1 Facebook Events are Free to create – It costs nothing to get people interested and informed about your client’s event.

#2 Promote live or online events – FB events can be used on pages and groups to promote almost any type of event. You can direct traffic to both live events (e.g. Taco Tuesday) or online events (e.g. Live video training).

#3 Facebook puts emphasis on ‘events’ – FB understands that people are becoming more and more isolated so they are promoting events that get people together.

#4 Facebook Events provides a full page – Your clients get a dedicated page for whatever event they are throwing, this allows you to update interested people with more info on the upcoming event as it approaches.

#5 Multiple People can contribute to an event – FB events has a compounding effect if more people contribute to an event’s page, this provides more engagement and traffic.

#6 Google search will index your Facebook events – that’s right, your client’s event can come up for keyword searches near their location.

#7 Facebook Events are Place & Time Specific – there is less competition for an event search because they are dependent on the location and time.

Do you already sell to local businesses?

I hope you learned a lot about Viral SociMasters and how it works. You also learned why Facebook events is such a great service to set-up for local businesses.

Let me know if I covered everything you wanted to know about this method within my Viral SociMasters review. Also, make sure to tell me if you already sell digital services to local businesses.