Octane Review

Important: my custom Octane bonuses are only available through my Octane review through this page. Make sure you claim my bonuses before the spots run out.

Octane goes live on February 23rd, 2019 at 9am est. Don’t forget to claim my custom Octane bonuses through this page.

What Does The Octane Software Do?

Before I can answer what the Octane software does, I need to explain an opportunity that currently exist on YouTube.

Here’s the thing, YouTube has a rule which allows anyone to edit and reuse videos under the ‘creative commons’ law (there is a step-by-step guide below).

This allows YouTube creators to reuse other people’s video content and profit from it. A lot of these YouTubers never even show up on camera yet they are raking-it in using YouTube ads.

The Octane software will take ‘creative commons’ video content in any niche and tweak it to avoid duplicate content issues using intros and outros. It’s then possible to upload this NEW video onto YouTube and potentially monetize it using the methods listed below.

Need more proof? Read more of my Octane review to see how it works.

What Else Does Octane Provide?

Within Octane I got three modules and seven different videos on how to:

  • Use the software
  • Monetize using Amazon Associates and Clickbank
  • Do launch jacking with Octane
  • Build my funnel with Octane

Within Octane, I was also provided with over 35 proven lead magnets that I can use to build my list.

Another cool feature is that everything is on the cloud so I don’t need to download anything.

What Are The Custom Octane Bonuses?

This is a profit method I’m quite familiar with, and I know there are better ways to monetize this content then JUST the 3 methods inside of Octane.

  • #1 Custom Bonus: Free software that finds low competition keyword tags specifically for YouTube.
  • #2 Custom Bonus: YouTube Channel art that will increase your subscriber count.
  • #3 Custom Bonus: My secret method to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • #4 Custom Bonus: The two most important methods to get your videos to rank for long tail keywords. Case Study & Profit PROOF…
  • #5 Custom Bonus: How to get a 1000 real subscribers who want your content.
  • Plus All The bonuses that come with Octane.

Remember: you can only get these custom Octane bonuses if you grab a copy of the software through these pages.

Are There Any Octane Upgrades?

Make sure you carefully read each Octane upgrade and my recommendations to make the best choice.

#1 Octane PRO Upgrade ($37) – Regular Octane provides you with 15 renders per month. Octane Pro enables unlimited renders per month.

#2 Octane Upgrade 2 ($197) – Place a tracking pixel on Jono’s sales pages and potentially get tons of visitors. This will enable users to sum traffic to their offers.

#3 Octane Upgrade 3 ($197) – “$1k Commissions Answer” An entire DFY solution to make big commissions using Jono’s video ads, targeting and a $1k high ticket offer.

#4 Octane Upgrade 4 ($97) – Resale rights for the entire Octane funnel.

Recommendations: Upgrades two, three and four are all geared towards the internet marketing space, if you’d like to enter internet marketing then those options make sense.

However, Octane Pro will allow you unlimited renders for videos in any niche.

My Octane Review And Verdict

I hope you got a lot out of my Octane review, it’s a really cool piece of software that really does a lot. It finds the videos, edits them and creates unique content that you can re-purpose for profit.

If you don’t use Octane then you have an uphill battle, make sure you grab this software plus my custom Octane bonuses.

But don’t let me stop you, if you’d like to try this method without Octane then this is how you do it.

5 Step Profit Method Using Other People’s Videos

First step, before you even go looking for videos you need to do some basic keyword research.

I recommend you go to ‘Ubersuggest’ (free tool) and type in a niche within a profitable market to find a long tail keyword which has a high search volume but a low competition level. Check out my example:

Octane review

After you identify a solid long-tail keyword with a good amount of search traffic (at least 500 searches a month) and little-to-no competition then you should move on to video sourcing.

Second step, type in your long tail keyword into YouTube and click the search button. When you arrive at the results page, click the ‘filter’ button and select ‘Creative Commons’.

A Creative Commons license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted “work”. A CC license is used when an author wants to give other people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that he or she has created.

Octane reviews

Third step, Look through the results and choose the video or videos that match up with your long tail keyword.

Octane bonus and review

FAfter the ‘creative commons’ videos are selected you are going to need to edit them so that they are unique.

Important: you can not upload duplicate content to YouTube, you should edit-in some of the following elements to make it unique:

  • an Outro
  • an Intro
  • Text
  • Background music
  • Voice over
  • Images

I use a paid video editor (AVS) but there are a few free video editors out there.

custom Octane bonuses

Fourth step, once your video is processed with all your edits, it’s time to upload it to your account.

Octane review plus bonuses

Fifth Step, it’s important to optimize the video with your long tail keyword. Make sure to add the long tail keyword to your title, description and tags.

Don’t forget to add even more related keywords to your tag section for more possible views.

Remember, Your new video is comprised of PROVEN videos that already do well within YouTube.

There are many ways to profit with this traffic stream, you can send this niche traffic to:

  • a funnel with related offers
  • a landing page on your site with an offer
  • adsense
  • etc…

It’s really up to you how you use this method, as you can see, Octane takes a lot of the headache out of the equation.

Octane review

Why make it difficult on yourself when you have an all-in-one solution available to you.

Can you profit online with The Octane method?

I know for a fact people on Youtube are making serious bank online using other people’s C.C. video content.

Before, you needed to ‘rip’ the video from some shady source and edit it on your computer, those days are gone if you get Octane. Let me know if my Octane review and my step-by-step tutorial helped you out.

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