Simple Blog Traffic Guide For Targeted Traffic

Tell me if this sounds familiar, you want to get free traffic to your niche website or blog but so far, you’re creating content for an empty room. No worries because I’m going to give you a little and simple blog traffic guide that’ll  bring in boat loads of traffic to your niche blog.

simple blog traffic guide

I find that comparisons and metaphors help explain otherwise difficult topics. That being said, you should look at the internet as a giant galaxy filled with different planets (niche specific groups and forums).

Some planets are bigger than others. You should also know that each planet comes with different types of people and  languages. You can’t assume martians speak English.

That’s an important lesson if you want to get free traffic to your niche website or blog. Each niche group you encounter has it’s own way to speak and communicate.

Simple Blog Traffic Guide – 4 Step Plan

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve followed through with this simple blog traffic guide. Come back on a later date and tell me about your traffic results.

These 4 steps might seem simple but it’s a powerful traffic generator if you’re consistent with it:

STEP 1: make a list of the top five planets online that cater to your niche. It can be Facebook groups, Youtube channels, Reddit forums, Pinterest boards etc…

STEP 2: learn the physics of each of the five planets on your list:

  • who are the moderators?
  • when and how can you link to your site?
  • are link signatures allowed?
  • when and how can you post your content?
  • etc…

STEP 3: build your home on that planet with images, links, video and info about you (create an account). Be specific on who you are and what you can do.

STEP 4: get in the niche specific conversation on each and every planet and start dishing out value with the knowledge you have. Do this ad nauseum.

In a about 3 weeks, you’ll gain a solid reputation and tons of traffic back to your niche website or blog with this simple method.

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Note: You should be sending your traffic to a squeeze page to capture email leads. Here is how to build a free squeeze page…

Remember to let me know in the comments section how this simple blog traffic guide helped you. I love reading success stories.