Purple Cow

It’s been raining for 3 days straight here! This has given me time to reflect on what has made me a success online.

I thought long and hard on this and I can boil it down to ONE TIP that I got from a YouTube video years ago.

How a Purple Cow Changed My Life

I’m paying it forward and sharing it with you today with this quirky little video I’ve prepared for you. You can check it out here:

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In the video you learn about Seth Godin’s purple cow idea and how you need to stand out and do things on your own terms.

This is harder than you think, we often behave on what we believe others want (or expect) from us. This can be very damaging to our long term success. The sooner we can shake these notions off, the sooner we can get the results we want from life and our online businesses.

Purple Cow – Original Seth Godin’s Ted Talk

Seth Godin goes into several case studies showing you exactly how the purple cow concept works. He explains how being ‘Remarkable’ is not just a good quality but something all businesses should strive for.

He also explains how the old way of marketing goods and services is quickly dying off.

About Me And My Ridiculous Fear

I use to shy away from telling people about my successful baby shower website. I used to tell them that I built websites for a living, which was technically true but I was lying to myself.

I knew I didn’t want others to judge me or think I’m weird.

Anyways, the day I broke free from those mental shackles is the day that I found real success online as an internet marketer.

Not only did I get a boost of confidence but that led to more leads and bigger numbers to my bottom line.

Purple Cow Seth Godin

Don’t get me wrong, you need the basics first and foremost:

But after that, you really need to be yourself and let your personality come out onto your content and videos.

How Will You Stand Out?

I hope the purple cow videos on this post will help you and your online business, don’t try to fit in to society’s expectations and norms. I know it sounds cliche, but please ‘be yourself’.

This is such an important idea, I urge you to do the same. Let me know what you think in the comment’s section.