Loop-It Review

Loop-It Review

In my Loop-it review learn to net 100 a day with weird little 1 minute videos.

Within my Loop-It review you’ll learn how Aidan Corkery was able to monetize tiny 1 minute videos that netted him thousands of dollars in passive income.

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Lets dive into the Loop It method and learn why it’s a viable way to earn online.

Loop-It Review – What I Liked

Loop-It Review
Loop-It Review

Loop It has a lot going for it. You get 13 videos detailing exactly how to succeed with this method. The magic happens when you get to the Loop-It part of the training. You learn how to create tiny little 1-minute videos that will get your traffic begging for more. It’s quite ingenious.

Loop-It Review
Loop-It Review

Aidan Corkery over-delivers with not one, but three different case studies. Each case study features the Loop-It method in action. You won’t be disappointed with those videos.

Loop-It Review
Loop-It Review

Let’s take a look and see what’s missing inside of this course.

It Doesn’t ‘Win’ Everywhere

This is not a ‘knock’ against the method but I wished they had a bit more.

  • Better alternatives to the tools they recommended
  • More Traffic Sources
  • Different ways to utilize the Loop-It traffic source

The bonuses I’ve prepared address the issues I had with the course.

Loop-It Bonuses You’ll Actually Want!

I created a bonus package that you won’t find anywhere else online. Check these out.

Loop-it Alternative Tools  – You’ll get free (and better) tools instead of the ones they recommend in the course.

Ike’s Facebook Group Traffic Method & Software – Learn how to get tons of qualified buyer traffic from niche Facebook groups using my software.

Push Noti. Ninja – Learn how to capture leads without email marketing for free.

Interview With Brendan Mace – Learn what you need to do to make over 5k a month online.

YouTube Traffic & Profit Course – You’ll get the same course that took me from zero to over 100 unique clicks a day using YouTube.

60 Squeeze Pages, Bonus Pages & Thank You Pages – Get the same squeeze page templates I use to make a full-time living online.

5 Minute Lead Magnet – Get my step-by-step guide showing you exactly how I create killer converting lead magnets in minutes.

Fusion – In this course, Jason Fulton has one of his students show you how he makes over 100 bucks a day with affiliate offers.

Piggyback Cash System – Mosh Bari’s course on how to get unlimited traffic to your affiliate offers.

3 Step Machines – David Kirby’s method on how to build simple little affiliate websites for profit.

Quantum Profits – Jason Fulton’s free traffic source for leads and sales.

Drop me any question you may have in the comment’s area below.

Loop-It Review
Loop-It Review

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Without a doubt, the price for Loop-It will go up soon.

Upgrades & OTOs

Here is what you can expect to see after you purchase Loop-it

  • The first upgrade is $37 and it consists of Done For You Loop-It Campaigns. I tend to stay away from DFY offers. Yes, they make the process easier but you don’t learn as much.
  • The second oto is $47. You get advanced Loop-It tactics, I’d get this one because it provides you with even more profitable strategies.
  • The third upgrade is $47. You’ll get automatically approved on any product Jason Fulton has created.
  • The forth oto are the license rights. This will set you back $97. I wouldn’t get this unless you plan on promoting Loop-it for yourself.

Out of all of these upgrades, I recommend the second oto offer.

Loop-it Review & Verdict

I give Loop-It a solid B+. Aidan Corkery shows you exactly how to get an audience on Facebook. He then shows you how to engage them with tiny videos for affiliate sales and commissions.

That’s my Loop-It review. What are your opinions on this online profit method? Let me know below.