eLasso Review

eLasso Review

In My eLasso Review Learn How To Snatch Lost Traffic Back To Your Website.

My eLasso review is going to break down this entire piece of software. Find out how you can instantly retrieve over 70% of your traffic with this simple to use eLasso technology.

Remember: You get all of the powerful eLasso bonuses mentioned here if you buy it via my affiliate link.

If you’re on my site then you know I love this software, I’ve already seen a 30% increase in conversions because of eLasso.

eLasso Review – I Love This Tool

eLasso Review
eLasso Review

The software does it all for you.

  • Reclaim Your Lost Traffic
  • Redirect Them To Any Page On Your Blog
  • Re-Target Your Traffic In a Whole New Way

It creates a little bell on your tab, when your traffic wonders off to a new website, they will get notified (just like on Facebook).

eLasson is a cloud-based software that works by simply embedding a piece of code onto your website. Not only that, you also get step-by-step training on how to use this simple technology for maximum results.

eLasso Review
eLasso Review

Finally, an affordable way to reclaim your traffic. I mean Facebook uses the same tactic to get you to re-click on their Facebook tabs. Check out what I mean below.

eLasso Review
eLasso Review

Like I said earlier, I love this tool but it’s not perfect.

How Can eLasso Be Better?

Inside of eLasso’s dashboard you’re given a set of video guides showing you exactly how to set up the software. You’re also shown some simple tactics to get the most out of eLasso.

Unfortunately, you’re not given a detailed traffic plan. I have put together a number of custom bonuses that will help you get loads of traffic.

eLasso Bonuses You Need!

The red labeled bonuses are my custom bonuses and the black ones are provided by the product creator. You get them all if you purchase via my link.

Ike’s Double Traffic Keyword Tool  – You’ll get two free ,but powerful, keyword traffic tools that I use to get easily ranked.

Ike Social Media Titan Method – Super easy way to get other people to share your content at zero cost.

Blog Outreach Template – Get other bloggers to share and link to your content with my personal email template.

Ike’s Guide To 2018 Pinterest Traffic – Pinterest is one of the main traffic platforms I use, get my private software and my step-by-step video training.

How I went from 2k to 6k a month – Find out how I made the leap from a part-time marketer to a full time one.

More eLasso Bonuses I’ve Included

Instagram Traffic – a simple guide on how to get Instagram traffic to convert to Adsense clicks.

LinkedIn Traffic Strategies – the easiest way to acquire Linkedin traffic and to convert it into affiliate commissions.

WP Notify Pro – this WordPress plugin will help you improve your conversion rates across-the-board by enticing your traffic to act.

Viral Image Bundle – a beautiful bundle of attention-getting public domain images that you can use for your viral memes and content.

Ivana’s Case Study Part 1 – Learn how Ivana turned $7.62 into $370 with simple and cheap re-targeting.

Real Life Case Study Part 2 – Watch Ivana make $1092.98 in 2 days with affiliate marketing and how you can do it too.

Authority Blog Success – This is a course on it’s own. In this step-by-step walk through, you’ll learn how to build an authority niche site for long lasting traffic and profit.

List of 49 Freelancing sites  –  Use this list to offer your services to over 49 different freelance sites.

Pinterest Made Easy – Pinterest is a sleeping traffic giant, learn how to tap into this social media platform for long-lasting traffic.

FB Ad Slinger – this neat little plugin creates Facebook-style ads on any WordPress blog.

Viral e-Mail Optin – a cool little plugin that will turn your traffic into leads.

If you have any questions about the bonuses then let me know in the comment’s section below.

eLasso Review
eLasso Review

Get This Software & Method Plus All These Bonuses Here…

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Each day that you wait that price of eLasso will go up. I’ve been told by Ivana (product creator) that once the launch ends so will the one-time price.

Upgrades & OTOs

Here are upgrades and otos, I’ve given my recommendations for each upgrade.

  • The first upgrade is the eLasso developer’s license. I’d skip this one if you’re not a programmer. ($67 value)
  • The second oto is the white-label license. This will allow you to re-brand this and sell it as your own product. ($297 value)
  • The third upgrade is Facebook traffic training in conjunction with eLasso. I would definitely get this one. ($37 value).

Out of the three offers, I only recommend the third upgrade because Ivana knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook traffic.

eLasso Review & Verdict

I give eLasso an A+ because it does exactly what it says it does. It will compel your traffic to come back to your website. You can turn your returning traffic into leads and affiliate sales.

That’s my eLasso review in a nut-shell. How do you like this traffic capturing software? Did I answer all of your questions? Let me know in the comment’s section.