jetpack wordpress review

By now, everyone has heard of WordPress and how easy it is to build your own site with the plethora of plugins available.

Some of them are must-haves and some you simply don’t need. Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that is an absolute must-have in your plug-in directory.

It is so useful that many WordPress hosting plans pre-install Jetpack when you create a WordPress site.

With more than 4 million active installs currently powered by WordPress online, it is worth taking a look into why you should be using Jetpack for your WordPress website.

What is Jetpack for WordPress?

Jetpack is a versatile plugin that adds necessary features to your self-hosted WordPress website. These features include traffic and SEO tools, security and backup services, speeding up image and video loading times, site stats, starter themes, and support.

Jetpack has a free and a paid plan available. The Premium version only costs under $40 a year. The plugin comes with widgets that allow you to share your WordPress content to social media, and to host media content. You can make it playable directly from your website’s widget panels.

If you’re currently hosting a website on and are thinking of switching to a self-hosted WordPress website in the future, you need a plugin like Jetpack to help you transition smoothly without losing all the functions you would have gotten used to at the platform.

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Be Using Jetpack

Aside from the ease of switching from to a self-hosted WordPress site, there are some other good, solid reasons to start using Jetpack right away.

For starters, Jetpack isn’t your average WordPress plugin with a single function or minimal features. Nope. This plugin is feature rich and comes with a wide array of functions and tools that will improve and boost your website or blog.

1. Traffic and SEO Tools

While there are many other plugins you can install to help you deal with your site’s SEO, like Yoast, Jetpack is a decent tool for generating traffic.

With the free plan, you will be able to view your site statistics and analytics. This includes the usual charts and visitor graphs that disclose how many visitors you get and where they’re from, among a lot of other useful stats.

These tools also include the “related posts” feature that links your blog posts together by common tags and categories, and automatic sharing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp.

The paid plan for Jetpack offers the additional features of SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, It also offers an advertising program that includes FB ads, AOL, Google AdX, Yahoo and the best of Adsense.

2. Security and Backup Services

With Jetpack, you also won’t have to worry about data loss, downtime or hacking. Thanks to its security and backup services, your site would be very well protected.

In the free plan, you get Brute Force attack protection, downtime and uptime monitoring, secured logins and two-factor authentication. This means that, at the very least, your website will be pretty secure from simple hackers.

With the paid plan, Jetpack will also give you malware scanning, code scanning and threat resolution, so your site will be protected from malicious software and code injections.

The paid plan also includes site backups, restores and migrations, so you don’t have to lose sleep about your precious web data getting deleted or permanently lost.

3. Content Creation and Sharing

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in existence, it is no secret that content creation and sharing is the entire essence of why most people get on WordPress in the first place.

When you install Jetpack, you will get a high-speed CDN for your images, meaning that they will load much faster than without Jetpack.

It comes with carousels, slideshows and tiled galleries for beautifully presented media without the graphic-design know-how, and simple embeds for Youtube videos, Google Documents, Spotify functions and more.

Plus, you get extra sidebar widgets like one that lets you make your blog stats visible, author widgets and even a calendar. You’ll also be able to customize your sidebar with Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds widgets made by Jetpack.

On top of that, you can always take your video-media up a notch with Jetpack’s paid plan. It gives you high-speed, ad-free, high-definition video hosting.

4. Community Building

If those features aren’t already enough to make you install Jetpack to your self-hosted WordPress site, then you might also want to consider the community building features that Jetpack provides. With Jetpack, you will be able to connect with your readers and keep them coming back to your site.

jetpack wordpress review


With email subscriptions and fully-customizable contact forms. Plus, users can comment on your posts by logging in with their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts, and your blog will have the infinite scroll feature for your posts.

Jetpack WordPress Review – VERDICT

Jetpack offers three simple and affordable plans so that they can provide these amazing tools at various levels. There are many other useful features, like custom CSS for editing your site without messing up the original theme files, or publicize for publishing your blog posts directly to your social media from the WordPress platform.

For more advanced security, backup, media hosting, monetization, SEO tools and priority support, you need to get on a paid plan. That being said, the free plan still comes with many benefits, and that says something.

Currently, there are 52,182 WordPress plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. Of them, very few have even half of the features and functions that Jetpack offers, meaning that it’s an excellent all-in-one tool that has everything your site might need.

As of 2017, approximately 2.13 million blog posts are published every single day using the Jetpack plugin.

That means that Jetpack facilitates the publishing of over 777 million blog posts every year.

If anything, that number alone is a testimony to how useful this plugin has been to the family of WordPress users all over the world.

Jetpack is currently one of the top four most used WordPress plugins of all time, it’s no wonder why it is pre-installed in so many WordPress hosting plans.

For more interesting facts on WordPress, its history, plugins and more, check out this curated list of statistics from WebsiteBuilder.

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