Best Internet Marketing Automation Software

Here are my picks for the top three best internet marketing automation software tools that will help you be more productive and more profitable online.

You know that time is money, you need to focus your time on the projects that will make you the most profit, this is why it’s so important to automate certain daily tasks.

The following internet marketing automation software tools were chosen based on:

  • ease-of-use
  • affordability
  • productivity

These tools will help you save loads of time and get you to focus on the tasks that will bring in the most income for your online business.

Sociautomate: Your Personal Social Media Manager

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Sociautomate is an amazing little piece of software that will connect your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook into a cohesive Powerhouse of traffic generating content.

Sociautomate allows you to cross share content from these different platforms using content from Top marketers in your niche.

All you got to do is preload your social media schedule with content generated from the top marketers in your niche and let Sociautomate do the rest. It really is that simple.

Tailwind: Pinterest Traffic On Tap

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Tailwind is quickly becoming a game changer when it comes to automating Pinterest traffic.

Their platform allows you to find the times for the most engagement on your Pinterest account, Tailwind will then pin Pinterest images on those specific times.

All you have to do is preload your Tailwind schedule with Niche specific Pinterest images that they suggest, plus the images you create for your content. After that, you sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

CTA Wiz: 24/7 Sales Person On Your Site

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CTA Wiz is on this list because of what it does and it’s price point. CTA stands for call-to-action, this is really important to turn your traffic into leads and customers. This little tool will actually present your traffic with offers and choices that they can’t resist.

It’s like having a sales person on your site 24/7.

One of the features I love that you can find inside of CTA wiz is the share to unlock function.

Basically, if your audience wants to unlock certain premium content they have to first share it on their favorite social media platforms.

This creates a snowball effect of traffic because for every person that shares it online, ten more people will see your content and so forth. This will turn your content into a traffic-sucking machine.

Best internet marketing automation software

These tools have helped me a lot in different ways. They have:

  • Freed-up my time
  • Brought in steady traffic
  • Converted traffic into leads and sales

Most importantly, these internet marketing automation software tools are affordably priced, this makes it easy for any newbie marketer to jump into the game with the same tools that more advanced internet marketers use.
Best Internet Marketing Automation Software
What did you think about my picks for the best internet marketing automation software tools, did I miss any? Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments section below.