Traffic Takeover Review + Bonuses

Traffic Takeover Review

Everything You Need To Know About This Plugin

Here is my Traffic Takeover review, an in depth look at Traffic Takeover. You will learn how this plugin will get you the sales and leads you need for you online businesses.

Remember: You get all of the exclusive Traffic Takeover bonuses listed on this page if you get it via my affiliate link.

As you can see in my Traffic Takeover video review, it’s an easy to use piece of software that will put your squeeze pages, social media and affiliate offers on high authority websites.

Traffic Takeover Review – Things I love Most!

Traffic Takeover Review
Traffic Takeover Review

It really is very easy to get your profit-generating components on high authority websites. Here are some examples of things you can add on other people’s blogs:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Affiliate offers
  • Social media
  • Digital products

You just need to download the plugin and follow the simple steps to dominate any site online.

You’ll have the power to control what your traffic experiences once they leave your site. I think the best way to use this plugin is to collect leads by putting your squeeze page on your competitor’s blogs.

If you want, you can even advertise your affiliate offers. Here are some of the results people are getting with Traffic Takeover:

Traffic Takeover bonuses
Traffic Takeover review and Proof

Where Traffic Takeover Falls Short

I’m a fan of this easy to use plugin but it does have one problem.

It doesn’t give you a way to get traffic in the beginning. You need people to land on your website before you can re-target them on high authority blogs.

No need to worry because my Traffic Takeover bonuses will give you everything you need to get high converting traffic to your website. You can find those Traffic Takeover bonuses below.

Traffic Takeover Bonuses Found Nowhere Else

You won’t find these bonuses anywhere else so make sure you get Traffic Takeover through my link to snag all of them!

Ike’s 2018 Guide To Simple Keyword Traffic – On my bonus page I will give you THREE examples on how I find high traffic but low competition keywords.

Ike’s Guide To 2018 Pinterest Traffic – I get tons of Pinterest traffic daily, I’m going to show you exactly how I do it with my video tutorial series and software.

My Secret YouTube Traffic Method – I’m going to give you the same video series that taught me how to kill it on YouTube.

WP Blog Book – Allows you to turn any blog post into a PDF that you can sell.

WP Buzz Machine – Create memes that attract leads and shares in minutes right on your blog.

WP Link Tweet – Turn any text you want on your blog post into a clickable tweet. This will help you get more social media shares.

WP Scarcity Lock – Makes any piece of content on your website into a conversion tool by adding a countdown clock.

WP Short Code CTA – Turn any part of your post into a lead magnet capture page in seconds.

WP Squeeze Question – Get your traffic to answer questions that leads them into your email funnel, very easy to set up with this plugin.

Let me know if you have any questions about these bonuses below.

Traffic Takeover review plus bonuses
Traffic Takeover review plus bonuses

Get This Software Plus All These Bonuses Here…

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Goes Live On Monday 23rd April 2018 @ 10am EST

I have no-say when the cost of this product will increase, so make sure you get Traffic Takeover at the current price before it goes up.

Upgrades For Traffic  Takeover

You definitely don’t need these upgrades for the plugin to work, but these are some additional features that can help out.

Upgrade 1: Top Level Profit Bar – create a bar at the top of any website you wish to dominate for more conversions. It costs $27.

Upgrade 2: Wheel Of Fortune Game – make a wheel of fortune type of game appear on your competitor’s blog. Use this game to extract leads and sales. It costs $27.

Upgrade 3: More Video Training – Get even more training on how to use Traffic Takeover for maximum results. It costs $37.

These upgrades come highly recommended because they will help you convert even more traffic into leads and sales.

Traffic Takeover Review & Verdict

With the Traffic Takeover plugin you have the power to collect leads and make sales on other people’s high authority websites. Plus, the exclusive Traffic Takeover bonuses I’m providing will give you the traffic you need on your blog.

This plugin is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, the only thing left to do is to put it into action.

traffic takeover bonuses + review
traffic takeover bonuses plus review

Did you get all the details you need in my Traffic Takeover review? Are you interested in other traffic methods? Let me know what your thoughts are below on this WordPress traffic plugin.

  • Sounds like a powerful tool Ike. Thanks for sharing buddy.


  • Glad you think so, there are similar ones but this is the only one that has no recurring costs

  • Hello,

    I am very interested in Traffic Takeover. I felt you would be a trusted source to ask my question.

    I had a question on the product. If a website I take over discovers I am using their website to target traffic and increase my email list, will I get in trouble?
    Are they able to remove me from their website? I just want to make sure there are no repercussions for me in the future for doing this.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • It doesn’t work that way, traffic takeover is a legit method. Hope that helps