Traffic Laze Review

Within my Traffic Laze review you’ll learn what this training and software is all about. This product is brought to you by three internet marketing powerhouses; Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace and Jason Fulton.

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As you can see in the video, Traffic Laze is a straight forward way to get traffic to your lead capture pages and affiliate promotions.

Traffic Laze What I Liked

Inside of Traffic Laze you get Jono Armstrong’s software that he had developed for himself. You also get a step-by-step training video series on how to use the software for optimum conversions.

Traffic Laze Review
Traffic Laze Review

Besides the software, there are eight videos that teach you the entire process.

  • Installation
  • Where to Buy Aged Accounts
  • How To Set Your Account
  • Verifying Accounts
  • Process & Targeting
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Importance Of Bridge Pages
  • Tracking & Tier Filtering
  • Phone Verification

The Traffic Laze software is super simple to use. You just need to follow Jono’s advice on how to use it.

Where Traffic Laze Was Lacking

The initial set-up is a little time consuming but that’s understandable. Once it’s done, then you can let Traffic Laze do it’s thing.

I also think Jono could have provided a free alternative for lead collection. Luckily, I created for you a bonus that lets you create lead capture pages for free.

You can find that below.

Exclusive Traffic Laze Bonuses

These are the bonuses that will give you an edge over your competition. These Traffic Laze bonuses are not PLR junk. I took it upon myself to create these Traffic Laze bonuses for you.
Traffic Laze Review and bonuses
Traffic Laze Review
Traffic Laze bonuses
bonuses + Traffic Laze Review
Traffic Laze Review
Traffic Laze Review

Extra Bonuses From The Product Creators

I hate useless and outdated bonuses, these are hand picked by me because I’ve used them with success.
Traffic Laze Review
Traffic Laze Review Bonuses
Traffic Laze bonus
Traffic Laze bonuses

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The Traffic Laze system will go up in price. Make sure you get  a copy if you think it’s right for you.

Upgrades For Traffic Laze

Here are the upgrades you’ll see after you purchase the Traffic Laze software and training.

1st Upgrade – 10X Your Results ($37 value)
Jono will demonstrate how to multiply your profits many times over with easy tweaks.

2nd Upgrade – Everything Done-For-You ($197 value)
Jono & Brendan have a team in place that will install the entire Traffic Laze software for you.

3rd Upgrade – Automated 24/7/365 ($67 value)
Learn how to automate the entire process and make money passively.

4th Upgrade – License Rights ($97 value)
100% profits on the whole funnel.

Out of all four upgrades, I recommend you get upgrade one and two. These two upgrades will save you time and work.

Traffic Laze Review & Verdict

I give Traffic Laze Two thumbs up because it’s newbie friendly and it does exactly what is advertised. It pulls targeted traffic straight out of Instagram and into your email funnel.

After the initial set-up you have to do nothing to get niche traffic. Traffic Laze does all the work for you. You also get detailed training on how to use that traffic for passive profits. On top of all that, it works in any niche.

What did you think about my Traffic Laze review? Did it answer all of your questions? Let me know what you think below.