Thrive Architect Plugin Review

Important: To claim my Thrive Architect plugin bonus you need to purchase Thrive Architect through this page.

Here’s the thing, If you’re a niche blogger, internet marketer or run any type of online business then I HIGHLY recommend you get Thrive Architect.

Here are the reasons why I like Thrive Architect and why you will too.

Why I Like The Thrive Architect Plugin

I needed time to think about this because there are so many reasons why I like this plugin page builder. I know one thing, it’s one of the most important and best decisions I made for my online business.

Luckily, I was able to condense it down to SEVEN crucial reasons why the Thrive Architect plugin rocks.

Here is something else you need to remember about me, I’m a full time internet marketer so I’m coming at this review from someone who actually makes money online.

1. Easily Connects To Email Autoresponders

If you’re any type of blogger or internet marketer worth his or her salt than you know the importance of email marketing.

You want to collect those leads regardless of the email autoresponder you use because the more leads you have the more profit you can potentially make.

Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect squeeze page templates will connect to the following email autoresponder services with one click:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Amazon SES
  • ArpReach
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • iContact
  • Infusionsoft
  • KlickTipp
  • MadMimi
  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • MailGun
  • MailPoet
  • MailRelay
  • Mandrill
  • Mautic
  • Ontraport
  • Postmark
  • reCaptcha
  • SendGrid
  • SendinBlue
  • SendLane
  • SendReach
  • Sendy
  • SG Autor√©pondeur
  • SparkPost

If you can’t find your email autoresponder service provider in the above list then I recommend you contact Thrive Architect for the reason why.

2. Dozens Of Thrive Architect Templates

This arguably is one of the best parts about Thrive Architect, you can create a professional-modern looking page in seconds using one of Thrive Architect’s proven templates.

They have templates for all sorts of page types and niches, you can get templates for:

  • 1 Step Squeeze Pages
  • 2 Step Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Under Construction Pages
  • Scarcity Pages
  • Etc…

Everything you’ll ever need to create a high converting page in seconds. They also have different designs for different niches and categories.

3. Simple Drag-And-Drop Features

Any type of customization you need can be done super fast with Thrive Architect’s drag and drop feature.

Just select the element you want and drag it from the left bar on to your page. The element will then appear at the bottom of the page, you can then drag it up into any part of your page.

Thrive Architect review

There are a number of ‘elements’ to choose from, here are the ones I use the most:

  • Image
  • Lead Capture
  • Countdown timer
  • Video

There are many other elements you can use, it also integrates with other Thrive products such as Thrive Quiz, so you can add a quiz to your page without any hassle.

4. Built-In Scarcity Countdown Clocks

As an internet marketer you know the power of scarcity when it comes to selling something online.

You can create and add countdown clocks to any part of your Thrive Architect page.

Here is an example of a countdown clock earning me profit in the baby shower niche:

You can create a one-time countdown clock that ends after it reaches ZERO or you can create one that will restart after a certain amount of time (evergreen timer).

You can also integrate a Thrive Ultimatum timer (smart countdown clock) with ease if you also have that plugin.

5. Overrides WordPress Completely

Thrive Architect runs on WordPress but once you select Thrive Architect as your page builder for a particular page, it disables WordPress for that specific page.

Thrive Architect review

I love this feature because it makes things so easy to customize and edit. There is no need to deal with a thousand WordPress buttons or features, everything can be done within the Thrive Architect dashboard.

All you need to do is choose a template, drag, drop, add and type. It’s super easy and simple.

6. Preview PC, Desktop & Mobile Versions

Everybody knows that your page needs to look good across all devices:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Within Thrive Architect you can preview your page for each device.

Thrive Architect review

If you want to edit a certain element for a specific device that you can do that by simply switching over and adjusting the element to your liking.

7. No Recurring Fees

This is my favorite part about Thrive Architect, no recurring fees! Once you buy your copy it’s your to use forever.

Thrive Architect review

You don’t have to pay extra for WordPress updates or anything like that. If you’ve looked into buying a page builder then you know a lot of these services come at a monthly cost.

Let me repeat, there are no recurring costs for this amazing tool. I’ve looked around, at the time of writing this post Thrive Architect was the only premium page builder I found that had one fixed price.

My Custom Thrive Architect Bonus

To help you with your Thrive Architect purchase I’m going give you the best converting template page I use on Thrive Architect as a bonus.

Thrive Architect Review and bonus

If you want to claim my custom bonus then you need to get Thrive Architect through this page, after you do that, make sure to contact me with your receipt to claim it.

Thrive Architect Review + Verdict

I hope you got a lot out of my Thrive Architect review, this page builder changed the amount of time it took me to turn my traffic into leads and sales.

thrive architect plugin

I use the Thrive Architect page builder across four different niches with success, I highly recommend you use this page builder with your online niche business.

Comment below if you have any questions about Thrive Architect, my bonus or it’s many features, I’m looking forward to helping you.