Stealth Commissions Review

In my Stealth Commissions review you’ll learn how this method will transform your YouTube account into a traffic and profit machine. I will go over everything; the course, the upgrades, the good and the bad.

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Now let me breakdown this method for you and show you what it’s all about.

Here Is What I Like About Stealth Commissions

This is a method by Ben Martin that lets you target low hanging keywords and rank for them quickly and easily. His method to find easy to rank for keywords is new and inventive, and from his case study you can clearly see that it works!

Inside of the Stealth Commissions video course you’ll learn all of the free tools he uses to rank multiple profit generating videos. I also use YouTube to profit online so I know this works. I also learned two new strategies that I’ve started to implement with great results.

Where Stealth Commissions Is Lacking

Nothing is perfect, Stealth Commissions gives you a solid road map on how to get traffic and profit from YouTube but it lacks in there areas.

First off, Ben (product creator) hits two of the THREE major criteria you need to rank your YouTube videos, but he didn’t hit upon the third criteria. I own two successful YouTube Channels and I’m going to share what I do to rank my videos. (Custom Bonus #1)

Second, inside of Stealth Commissions, Ben shares his free screen-capture recommendation, even though I think it’s a good one, the free version does have a TIME LIMIT of 15 minutes. I will provide you with a free screen capture tool (no time limit) and simple to use video editor (Custom Bonus #2).

Third, I wish there were more video resources inside of Stealth Commissions. I took it upon myself to show you exactly where to get free-to-use stock video and music (Custom Bonus #3).

All in all, Ben Martin’s course is a solid one, there were a few issues I had but I solved them all with my custom bonuses.

Ike’s Custom Bonuses

Stealth Commissions review
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Stealth Commissions Review And Verdict

I was really impressed by what Ben Martin presented inside of Stealth Commissions. Ranking YouTube videos for traffic and profit is something I do regualry, so I know this works. Also, I learned several new tips and tricks that have already given me a leg up on the competition. I highly recommend Stealth Commissions, snag it today before it goes up in price.

As for the upgrades, they are as follows:

  • Upgrade 1 Stealth Traffic Package $27 – Done-For-You Keywords that you can easily rank for right now. Plus, instant approval to 5 affiliate products that you can sell with these keywords. Recommended ONLY IF you have trouble getting accpeted to affiliate programs.
  • Upgrade 2 Stealth Commission Kit $47 – New keyword ranking method plus Case-Study that show you how it works. Recommended because the more case studies the better.

Do you NEED the upgrades for Stealth Commissions to work? Hell No, that being said, upgrade number two does provide another case study and another cool way to rank on YouTube so I would definitely get that.

How did you like my Stealth Commissions review? Did I get all the details you wanted for this online money making course? Let me know in the comments section below.