Simply Maze Crazy Review

In my Simply Maze Crazy review you’re going to learn how this software will instantaneously create beautiful maze printables that you can sell on your site, Etsy or Amazon.

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Lets get into the software and how it creates beautiful printable products for you.

What Is Simply Maze Crazy Software?

Inside of the member’s area you get the cloud-based software maze creator. You also get SIX training videos showing you how to use the software and how to add your mazes to different types of products.

I was really impressed on how easy it is to use the maze creator software, you just pick the color and the difficulty level. You then hit ‘Generate Maze’ and the software will create a maze that you can sell.

Simply Maze Crazy Review

The cool thing is, you can sell these mazes as printables or on Mugs and t-shirts, the sky is the limit. Plus, you own 100% of the rights to each maze you make.

There is no need to worry about copyright restrictions, these printable maze products are all yours.

Simply Maze Crazy Reviews

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Simply Maze Crazy bonus

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Simply Maze Crazy bonuses

Third Bonus, you get my complete printable profit method where I show you how to make and sell printable mazes, puzzles and even T-Shirt.

Simply Maze Crazy Review

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Simply Maze Crazy Reviews

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Plus, you get all the bonuses that come with Simply Maze Crazy.

Simply Maze Crazy bonuses


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One Simply Maze Crazy Upgrade

1st. Upgrade – 24 Pre-Themed Mazes:
These are pre-designed mazes based on popular themes people are actively looking for and buying. Instead of creating them yourself, you can get them asap.

My recommendations: this is the ONLY upgrade available, this upgrade is amazing because it does all the work for you.

Simply Maze Crazy Review + Verdict

This software and training is very well done and it delivers on what it promises, it creates mazes that you can sell as printables within a variety of niches.

Simply Maze Crazy Review


I was also impressed by the training within ‘Simply Maze Crazy’, you’re shown how to use the software and how easy it is to create products out of these mazes.

Did you like my Simply Maze Crazy review? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

  • Does the software also provide solutions for the mazes generated?

  • Does the software only generate mazes with unique solutions, i.e. with no parallel paths where either works?

  • great question sir…

  • the mazes are unique, you have control over the difficulty level

  • Nicole French says:

    So I already work with Puzzle Book Mastery and see the value in this software to make additional product books. My question is related to what you think about the differences between digitally downloaded printables and making the puzzle/maze books on Amazon. It takes time and money to market on KDP and time to get paid if you do sell the books created. I just wondered if selling the downloadable printables and not paperback on eBay or Etsy would be quicker to make a profit. I am just trying to figure out a short term way to make a profit and also longterm with Amazon KDP. I wondered what you think would be a good strategy for that?

  • Why limit yourself to Etsy when you can sell your printables on Etsy, Amazon and on your site. Cast the widest net possible Nicole, I strictly sell printables and I’m very happy with the results. I hope I answered your questions

  • Steven Tetreault says:

    Coupon not working