SEO Traffic Is a Waste Of Time

Is SEO traffic a waste of time? That’s the question I asked 9 full time online entrepreneurs, the answers I got were surprising to say the least, but before I hand off the mic to them here are my thoughts on the subject.

I asked the same question to these guys. These internet marketers make anywhere between 6 to 7 figures a year,so you might want to listen to what they have to say on the subject.

Greg Kononenko

To get SEO traffic, I use a free tool called “Moz Toolbar”. Then I enter my keyword into Google with MOZ Toolbar enabled, and the toolbar will tell me the strength of each result.

For example, the keyword “keto diet grocery list” shows promise:

The #1 result on Google has Domain Authority of 25 and only 24 links total pointing to the page. If you then click the text “24 links” you will see that only 1 of the 24 links is external.

Similarly, other Page 1 and Page 2 result do not seem particularly tough.

This means that if we create an article on this keyword, we have a good chance of ranking on Page 1, even with a reasonably weak domain and minimal link building.

If you’d like to learn more about getting free traffic to your site, you can check my latest article on ways to get free traffic here.

Greg is a full time internet marketer and has released several products to help bloggers like you profit online. We’ve collaborated together on my Traffic Revival course.

Brendan Mace

I do not think SEO is a waste of time, however it is also in no way reliable. Any time you put a third party service in control of your business, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to changing conditions.

What works with SEO today, may not work a year from now, or even a week from now. SEO is a major risk, at any time, and should never be the only facet of your company.

Brendan is a serial product creator and world traveler. He helped get my course Printly off the ground and soaring. You can find him here…

Tim Verdow

SEO traffic is not a waste of time because it can get you a lot of traffic.

Make sure you optimize your site for speed. Google takes note of this. A fast website means better ranking. If you have a slow site you are missing one important ranking factor that Google takes serious.

  1. Get a fast hosting package
  2. Install a cache plugin
  3. Make sure all of your images are compressed and optimized

If you are doing this you are ahead of many of your competition.

Tim is an amazing full time marketer and creator of the Milk it Method, a course I’ve personally had success with. You can find him here…

Sherisse Rogers

I disagree.

SEO is not a waste of time. The best way to get organic traffic is to find medium to low competition keywords and create content around them. You can use a site like Buzz Sumo to see other articles on that topic.

Find one that has the most engagement and create a similar article as you already know that people are interested and searching for content.

Be sure to also include LSI keywords in your content.

LSI keywords are keywords similar to your main one. It allows you to have variations of your original keyword but Google will see it as relevant keywords and it will help you rank better.

Sherisse is an internet marketer and a Broadway bassist, she has a real talent for SEO, you can find her here…

Jono Armstrong

I disagree, it’s free traffic. I used to run an ecommerce store that ran on pure SEO google traffic. If you want backlinks focus on quality over quantity.

Also Private Blog Networks work and won’t get you penalized (provided it’s an expensive and reputable PBN).

Jono is a 7 figure online marketer and an amazing teacher. Watch him go from ZERO to $100 in 24 hours.

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Here is Jono with a self introduction:

Demetris D-Papa

SEO traffic isn’t a waste of time , if done right.

I had the pleasure of testing it out, with a product that is launching in a few weeks.

If you are a little ahead of your competition, like a month earlier to post a launch of some sort, you will get ranked on page one of google.

Now, another tip is to also, get some backlinks to your post or blog so you can get seen for sure.

Demetris is an online entrepreneur, software creator and an all-around good guy. You can find him right here…

Here is Demetris interviewing me on his channel:

Mick Meaney

SEO can kill your business. Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you something; how many times have you heard about innocent websites going bust, thanks to an algorithm change?

We’ve all seen bloggers panicking about it. Now I don’t know about you, but in my 20 years of digital marketing I’ve seen Google destroy too many businesses for them to earn my trust.

If Google was a person, we’d call it a psychopath. And besides, handing control of your business to a company who changes their mind on a whim and without a single word of warning, it just takes too long to see meaningful results from SEO.

But you can avoid reliance on SEO. To become truly independent we must diversify our traffic sources and even create our own.

The most reliable traffic source you can build is an email list.

Organic traffic is nice; free is good, but it should only be supplemental. Yes, squeeze as much traffic as you can from Google.

But never allow yourself to become dependent on a company that doesn’t care about you. If you want to weather the storms that Google creates, funnel your visitors into your own email list and get whenever you need it.

Mick is an internet marketer from the UK, he makes a full time living online. You can find him right here providing immense value on a daily basis.

Here is Mick on my channel:

Phillip Lopez

SEO is not a waste of time, if you’re in it for the long run, then SEO optimize your site or YouTube videos the best you can with what you’ve got.

That being said, Don’t bore people to death with just writing for the search engines. People don’t go to blogs to read something that came out of a scientific journal, entertain people with casual copy.

Phillip crushes it on Facebook with his closed group communities and his chat bots, you can find him right here at Niches Be Crazy…

Here is Phillip talking about ways to make money online if you have no list or anything:

Edwin Mik

I guess my tip would be no matter what you do online, make sure you build your google ads and facebook ads pixels. Retargeting is cheaper, converts better and it’s way easier to interact with audience that have already seen you and probably knows you!

Edwin is a full time marketer and a wizard when it comes to paid traffic, make sure you check him out right here…

Here is Edwin reviewing my product Traffic Revival.

Do you think SEO is a waste of time?

Give me your thoughts and opinions.

SEO traffic is a waste  of time

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    NO I dont think SEO is waste of time