Real Traffic Case Study

This is a simple traffic case study where I’ll show you everything. I go over the keyword I found and how simple it was to get traffic from it.

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The long tail keyword I targeted was “teddy bear diaper cake”. It has a monthly search volume of 320.

After I found the long tail keyword ,which has a healthy search volume and little competition, I then created content for it. I made a:

  • Video
  • Pin
  • Post

Let’s see how these different pieces of content performed online.

My Video Sits At 4th Place

This was super easy to make, I just used my smart phone, some diapers and a glue gun to create the video.

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Creating a video that gets you traffic and profit is not hard work. You just need to help people with your content and the rest will fall into place. Here are the results for this video within YouTube.

website traffic case study
video traffic case study

I didn’t stop with video. I also got traffic from Pinterest and my post.

My Pinterest Pin Performed Pretty Well!

You know I love’me some Pinterest. It’s a great source for high quality traffic, even if you’re staring out. I created a Pinterest Pin for my search term and this is how it performed.

blog traffic case study
real blog traffic case study

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Even though my Pinterest Pin didn’t show up on page one on Google, I still got decent traffic within the Pinterest search engine.

OH SNAP, Google Loves Me!

If you do a quick search on Google for my target keyword you’ll see my image, post and video on the first page. SEO works, but it performs even better if you use it with different forms of content (video, image & post). Check out these results:

traffic case study
Google Traffic case study

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Real Traffic Case Study For You

I hope you take this little success story I showed you and start targeting niche keywords today. All you gotta do is help people and target low hanging fruit to rank high on these different search engines.

What do you think about this traffic case study? Let me know in the comments section below.

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