Puzzle Book Mastery Review

In my Puzzle Book Mastery review video I go over some important facts about this printable-creation machine so make sure you watch it until the end.

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Is Puzzle Book Mastery Special?

I’m really excited about this one because it takes my Printly method (my custom bonus) and it puts it on Autopilot.

I’ve been making income online with printables for years now so I know this works. Plus the product creator , Ken Bluttman, has been profiting on Amazon with these puzzles for over 2 years.

Puzzle Book Mastery review

Puzzle Book Mastery creates different types of puzzles with a click of a button. The cool thing is, you can never make the same puzzle book twice so you’ll always have new products. It also adds the answers at the bottom of each puzzle book. You can create:

  • Word Searches
  • Crosswords
  • Cryptograms
  • Sudokus

You can get more puzzle options with the upgrade. Make sure you watch my review video until the end because I drop several useful tips.

Also, my custom bonuses will help you out tremendously with this software.

My Custom Puzzle Book Mastery Bonuses

First Bonus, exclusive to Puzzle Book Mastery is a list of 25 easy to rank for puzzle printable product keywords.

Puzzle Book Mastery review

Second Bonus, you get my award winning printable profit method where I teach you how to create and sell printables of all types, including T-Shirt products for FREE.

Puzzle Book Mastery reviews

Third Bonus, get my case study where I create a puzzle printable out of thin air and profit using three different traffic sources. Everything is documented so that you duplicate my results.

Puzzle Book Mastery bonus

Fourth Bonus, you will learn the fastest way to get targeted free traffic to your puzzle products using my tried-and-true method.

Puzzle Book Mastery bonuses

Fifth Bonus, you also get every bonus that is included with Puzzle Book Mastery, this is what everyone else is offering.

Puzzle Book Mastery review + Bonus

I am one of the few marketers that actually profits online by selling printable puzzles, make sure you secure your spot and get my custom puzzle book mastery bonuses.

Puzzle Book Mastery Upgrades

1st Upgrade – ($37) Pro Level:
You get NO-LIMIT to the number of printable puzzle books you can create. You also get additional puzzles such as word match and word scramble.

On top of that you also get additional training videos on niche research and Amazon ads training. Plus the ability to put headers on the pages for branding.

2nd Upgrade – ($67) Master Level:
This upgrade is for Activity Book Training. Activity books go hand-in-hand with puzzle books. This market is ripe and red hot, learn how to profit with it using Ken’s Activity book training.

My recommendations: I highly recommend you get both upgrades (this is rare for me) I currently profit online with prinables and puzzles ,as some of you may already know.

To me, selling printables online is a relatively easy way to profit online. Puzzle Book Mastery and it’s upgrades just made it ridiculously simple for any newbie who wants to get in on this business model.

Puzzle Book Mastery Review And Verdict

I love this piece of software because this automates the printable creation process.

Puzzle Book Mastery Reviews

I make a solid income online on a daily basis selling printables and the market is WIDE-OPEN.

There is so many platforms and keywords related to printables but the printable products are just NOT there, this is great news for newbies who want to earn online.

Let me know what you think about my Puzzle Book Mastery review. I’m happy to answer your questions in the comments section.

  • Hello Ike, I just purchased this as well as both upgrades through your link. How do I get access to the bonuses please?

  • Noer Loekman says:

    Thanks for your review. To sell the puzzle books on Amazon, do I have register as a seller on Amazon and pay a monthly fee?

  • you do register but no monthly fee. Hope that helps

  • contact me with your receipt and I’ll sort it out for you. Have a great day.

  • Thank you! Send requested info. Looking forward to bonuses! I’m especially interested in the printables for Etsy as I want to open a shop there. 🙂

  • KishanVishwakarma says:

    I read your blog and I found it very interesting and useful blog for me. I hope you will post more like this, I am very thankful to you for this type of post.
    Thank you.

  • i most definitely will, thanks for chiming in

  • What email address should I send the receipt to? You don’t have one on your contact form…

  • Is there a difference between your bonuses and your Printly 2.0 or latest version?

  • Mark Carrell says:

    I put this comment in one of your videos, but I’ll add it here. I want to delve into Cryptograms. The output text file includes a) the puzzle, the hint, and the answer together, or b) all three in separate sections. I would put the hint with the puzzle so that cuts it to 2 sections. Do the puzzles and the answers need to be put into separate files so that the answers can be at the back? However, in uploading my first word search puzzle files I discovered that his generation software doesn’t necessarily put the files in the same order in which they were uploaded to the program foro creating the final PDF file.