Printly 2.0 Review

Printly was all about learning how to create simple little printable products that you can sell passively from various sources and ecommerce sites.

I went over in great detail how you can set up a simple little e-commerce site and sell printable product packages.

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I also went over how to find printable product ideas using several free tools online. Plus, I taught how to leverage both Fiverr and Etsy to make even more sales online.

This was all based on using Pinterest as the best traffic source for your printable products.

There’s a lot of new videos and case studies in the new printly 2.0.

Printly 2.0 Review, What’s new?

First off, I’ve updated how to go about finding printable product ideas using all new free sources of keyword research.

Second, I added a new traffic source and traffic getting software into the course.

You now not only have my Pinterest traffic method and Pinterest traffic software, on top of that, you get my new traffic method plus my new piece of software.

Passive profits with t-shirts an email marketing

Printly 2.0 also includes a new case study where I took the printly method and applied it to pre-made t-shirts online for even more passive profits.

It doesn’t stop there, I also added a whole new section on how to leverage printables for email marketing.
printly 2.0 review

Get Printly 2.0 And Starting Earning With Printables Here…

As you can see from this Printly 2.0 review, this course has all the pieces you need to profit online with products that people actually want.

I listen to your requests

Printly 2.0 came about because of the surveys I asked my students. I wanted to know what were their greatest difficulties when it came to profiting online.

Printly 2.0 goes over those issues with great detail and solves many of the questions people have about making money online.

Printly 2.0 is for you

If you don’t have printly 2.0 I recommend that you get it today, it’s everything you need to profit online with digital products.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you, thanks.

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