Ebay Seller Mistakes

I’m now going to share with you some of my Ebay seller mistakes.

About a year ago I put up a listing on eBay, I didn’t think much of it. I thought I could list something unique from Japan that was lightweight and a collector’s item.

Time went on and I quickly forgot about that listing I put up on eBay.

I’m a Digital Products Guy

Now the thing is, I get regular PayPal payments sent to my email inbox daily, but one of these PayPal payments was very strange because it said my payment was withheld until I shipped the item.

I thought to myself:

“Ship the item? What the hell? I only deal in printables, digital courses and software.”

I was really shocked when I opened the email and realized it was the eBay item I listed over a year ago.

It was bought by some woman in California. The email said that before my PayPal payments could be released I would have to send the Japanese Doraemon bath bombs to her and submit the tracking postal code.

I listed the Doraemon bath bombs at $55 for a four pack, and I also offered free shipping.

Now these Doraemon bath bombs go for about a dollar a piece, as you can imagine, if sold, I’d stand to make quite a tidy profit off of these bath bombs.

My Ebay Seller Mistakes You Should Avoid

I figured that I’d go to the dollar store where I saw them a year ago, pick them up and send them off within 30 minutes.

To my dismay they were nowhere to be found in the dollar store, I went to other stores around my neighborhood where I believed they might have these Doraemon bath bombs, but unfortunately I couldn’t find them there either.

Ebay Seller Mistakes

Without any other available solutions to my problem, I went back home, got on my computer and to my great disappointment I cancelled the order.

Don’t Learn About Ebay From Me, Learn From ‘This Guy’

I learned a valuable lesson that day, when I put up a listing I should have kept tabs on it, and make sure I have the stock available.

Around the time of my eBay disappointment one of my joint venture friends launched a new product on how to profit online with eBay.

In the course, he has Steve Raiken (Successful Ebay Seller) explain exactly how he makes $2k to $3k a month selling men’s clothing on eBay.

He goes over exactly why you should choose men’s clothing and teaches you all of the things you need to know to have a successful eBay store.

Learn How To Create a Job Killing Ebay Store Here…

I got a review copy of the digital product and I must say it is very detailed and Steve gives you all the steps you need to have a successful eBay store.

What’s Your Ebay Story?

Let me know if you have any experiences with eBay. Have you made the same Ebay seller mistakes?

Are you a successful seller? What type of Ebay seller mistakes have you done? Let me know in the comments section below.

  • I would’ve messaged the buyer and told them that there was run on the one they wanted, giving them the option to get alternate ones or cancel.

  • Your time is the most valuable thing you have. Refund him/her and move on to better things

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