Filmora Review

Important: Make sure to watch my Filmora review and learn why this video editor will save you time and make your videos more beautiful.

Remember, to watch my Filmora review video until the very end to understand how I use it in my online business. You can grab your copy right here..

What Is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editor that turns newbies and regular people into professional video creators quickly and easily.

Filmora Review

You can turn any plain old video and add gorgeous transitions, text, titles, animation and effects just by dragging and dropping the elements you want.

Why I LOVE Filmora…

I was in a bad relationship with my old video editor (IT SHALL NOT BE NAMED) I knew there were better alternatives but I remained faithful EVEN THOUGH it was:

  • Breaking down constantly
  • Difficult to figure out
  • Overly clunky

I finally freed myself and got a copy of Filmora. I was BLOWN AWAY! As a tech-dummy it’s super simple to use, I easily added different elements and effects to my videos. I’m happy to tell you that I NEVER looked back.

Filmora Reviews

You see, the better looking your videos are, the longer people will stay.

My Filmora Review + Verdict

I LOVE my purchase of Filmora. It allows me, a tech-dummy, to create stunning videos that keep my audience watching until the end.

Filmora Review

This gets me more views and better YouTube rankings within my niche. The Filmora video editor is one of the best investments I’ve made for my online business.

If you have any questions about my Filmora review then please ask me below in the comments section.

Tailwind Review

Important: Watch the whole Tailwind review to learn if this free traffic tool is right for you. I’ll go over the pros and cons in great detail, plus check out my traffic and profit proof below:

Check out my traffic and profit proof plus bonuses below or you can grab it all right here..

What is the Tailwind Traffic App?

Niche traffic is essential for any blog or website to make money, it’s that simple and If you’re reading this then you KNOW Pinterest is one of the LAST truly-free traffic sources left.

Tailwind Review

Unfortunately you have to consistently be pinning images all day to get any significant traffic from Pinterest.

However, the Tailwind tool will do it for you at the best possible times for your niche Pinterest account. All you have to do is add your pins to your Tailwind tool and it will pin your content for you, all day and every day.

It also comes with group lists so you can easily add the same pin to multiple niche related Pinterest boards.

Tailwind also lets you know how your Pinterest pins are performing and it gives you simple to read stats so that you can auto-pin more of the same content.

Tailwind Reviews

Also, as a Tailwind member you get access to Tailwind Tribes, these tribes are like Pinterest Group boards but on Steroids.

The members within these niche Tailwind tribes also use the Tailwind tool so you are all sharing each others content for more and more targeted traffic.

Tailwind Review

Tailwind just makes life easier for you and your profitable niche business.

Pros – Auto pinning at best times, Tailwind Tribes, easy to follow stats, board lists and great support.

Cons – Very little training on Pinterest SEO or how to convert traffic into profit.

My Tailwind Traffic + Profit Proof

Here is a snapshot of the Pinterest traffic I got to my baby shower website yesterday using the Tailwind tool exclusively:

Tailwind review

..And here is a snap shot of my earnings online in the baby shower niche.

Tailwind reviews

Getting traffic is one thing, converting traffic into profit is another thing entirely, with my bonuses you’ll learn to do both.

My Exclusive Tailwind Bonuses

First bonus, I use public domain content to create my printables so I’m giving you as a bonus my Printly method to help you profit even more with public domain content:

Tailwind review

Second Bonus,You also get a brand new custom printable case study:

Tailwind reviews

Third bonus, I’m also going to give you my course on how to take Pinterest traffic and turn it into profit.

Tailwind pinterest

Remember you can only get these bonuses if you purchase Tailwind through this page. Contact Me with your receipt after you purchase through this page to claim these bonuses.

My Tailwind Review + Verdict

I’ve been a Tailwind user for years now, and I can tell you it WORKS; if you want the laptop life-style then you need free targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Tailwind Review

Tailwind will get into your Pinterest account, it will find out when your audience is most engaged and it will auto-pin content leading to more traffic and clicks.

If you have any questions about my Tailwind Review then drop them down below, and don’t forget to grab my custom bonuses along with Tailwind.

My custom bonuses will help you turn your Pinterest traffic into profit.

Growth Commander Review

Important: Make sure to watch my entire Growth Commander review to learn how you can get all of my custom bonuses.

Don’t forget, you can only claim my custom bonuses if you get Growth Commander through this page right here…

What Does Growth Commander Do?

Growth Commander is an entire content and traffic solution for serious bloggers who want to turn their blogs into full-time passive income machines.

It includes Content Research, Content Creation, SEO Ranking Difficulty, Content Scheduling and Tutorials, it’s everything you need to get traffic for sales and profit.

Content Research – this is a search tool that will find the hottest content for your niche and it will show you which social media outlets share this type of content the most.

I HIGHLY recommend you create content similar to the content you find within the ‘Content Research’ tab.

Growth Commander Review

Content Creation – you can actually create content and post it right to your WordPress website directly from Growth Commander.

You are also able to add dynamic content such as quotes, videos and images within the content creation dashboard.

Growth Commander Reviews

SEO Ranking Difficulty – this is a search tool that will tell you the difficulty level for your long tail keywords. Your keyword will get a difficulty level score of easy, medium or difficult.

When you create your content make use you add every SEO signal that Growth Commander gives you.

Growth Commander bonus

Content Scheduling – this tool allows you to auto-post your content directly from Growth Commander, you can stack up your content and schedule when you’d like your content to post.

You know that Google wants you to post regualry, with content scheduling you can do it automatically.

Growth Commander bonuses

Tutorials – these step-by-step video guides explain how to use Growth Commander to it’s highest potential.

You get over 6 videos showing you how to leverage this powerful tool for niche targeted traffic.

Growth Commander Review

Pros – Growth Commander has everything you need to find content that people WILL engage with, you also learn which keywords are easy to rank for and which ones are impossible to rank for.

On top of that, you can post and schedule content right from the Growth Commander dashboard.

Cons – The only problem I have with Growth Commander is that you don’t learn how to get traffic from individual social media outlets.

I created a set of custom bonuses for Growth Commander to help you get traffic from these individual social media platforms.

Custom Growth Commander Bonuses

Get my how to guide and the very same Pinterest Template I use to get tons of niche targeted traffic.

Growth Commander bonus

Best keyword research method to rank on YouTube. Learn how I out maneuver the competition in the YouTube rankings for traffic and profit.

Growth Commander bonuses

Most Important ranking factor on YouTube. Find out what is the most important ranking factor on YouTube. Big Hint: It’s NOT backlinks or video length.

Growth Commander bonus

Free YouTube traffic toolkit, get all the tools I use to create videos, find tags and out rank my competition for Free.

Growth Commander bonus

YouTube Profit Case-Study. Watch me earn online using YouTube in three different ways.

Growth Commander bonus

Get every Growth Commander bonus that comes with the software.

Growth Commander review

Remember, you can only get these custom Growth Commander bonuses through this page. Contact Me with your receipt after you purchase through this page to claim these bonuses.

Growth Commander Review + Verdict

Growth Commander offers a ton for it’s price point, you get all of the tools you need to create and rank content that will get you traffic; and ultimately sales.

Growth Commander Review

Within Growth Commander all the guess work goes out the window you’ll learn exactly what to rank and what type of content you should create.

I give Growth Commander two thumbs up for the amount of value it delivers. If you have any question about my Growth Commander review please let me know in the comments section.

ActiveCampaign Review

Important: Watch the entire ActiveCampaign review and learn if this email auto-responder is right for your online niche business. I’ll go over the PROs and CONs in this review video:

Remember to check out my lead and income proof using ActiveCampaign below. Also, check out the custom bonuses I’m offering, you can grab it all right here…

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an email auto-responder for the serious online entrepreneur who really wants to turn their niche blog or website into a passive profit machine.

The ActiveCampaign autoresponder will take your lead and nurture them through a series of email automation sequences, providing them with value.

ActiveCampaign dashboard

This means more sales and profit for you and your online business (see proof below).

WHY? Within the industry, ActiveCampaign gets the highest deliverability scores time and time again, this means your emails land in your lead’s inbox and NOT in their junk folder.

The real star feature within ActiveCampaign are the automation sequences, it automatically segregates the leads that click and the ones that don’t, this enables you to offer the best products (digital or physical) to the leads who are more likely to buy.

This also lets you passively nurture the leads that need more time before they buy from you. It’s also a snap to remove leads that don’t act at all.

Pros – ActiveCampaign has a ton of features to help you convert your leads into sales, but the best two are ActiveCampaign’s deliverability rate and automation sequences.

ActiveCampaign  reviews

Cons – ActiveCampaign is not the cheapest solution out there but they are the best, luckily they offer a ‘LITE PLAN‘ which is perfect for newbie bloggers and/or internet marketers.

Crazy High Open Rates + Profit Proof

Here is one of my emails using with my ActiveCampaign account that got over 25% OPEN-RATE which is unheard of in email marketing these day!!

ActiveCampaign review bonus

This results in daily sales for me, I’m very happy with my results using ActiveCampaign.

If you want these types of results then you need a powerful traffic source, as a bonus I’m going to show you how I get high-converting traffic on a daily basis with YouTube.

My Exclusive ActiveCampaign Bonuses

1. Best keyword research method to rank on YouTube. Learn how I out maneuver the competition in the YouTube rankings for traffic and profit.

ActiveCampaign review

2. Most Important ranking factor on YouTube. Find out what is the most important ranking factor on YouTube. Big Hint: It’s NOT backlinks or video length.

ActiveCampaign bonuses + review

3. Free YouTube traffic toolkit, get all the tools I use to create videos, find tags and out rank my competition for Free.

ActiveCampaign reviews

4. YouTube Profit Case-Study. Watch me earn online using YouTube in three different ways.

ActiveCampaign bonuses

These bonuses are ONLY available if you get my ActiveCampaign through this page. Contact Me with your receipt after you purchase through this page to claim these bonuses.

My ActiveCampaign Review + Verdict

ActiveCampaign has turned my online business around, I used to be with Aweber and my deliverability was dropping every month even though my website is in good standing.

On top of the killer deliverability rate, ActiveCampaign makes email marketing super easy and passive with it’s automation sequences.

ActiveCampaign review

I can’t recommend ActiveCampaign enough, they even have a lite plan if you’re just starting out. Let me know if you have any questions about my ActiveCampaign review below in the comments section.

Kallzu Ads Review

Important: Make sure you watch the entire Kallzu Ads review to learn if this make money online method is right for you. Watch my video or grab it right here..

Remember you can only claim my custom bonuses if you get Kallzu Ads through this page.

What is the Kallzu Ads Method?

Here is the method in a nut shell:

Imagine Bill has a busted toilet and he frantically searches on his mobile phone for “plumbers near him“, his mobile instantly gives him Todd the Plumber’s phone number.

Bill calls Todd the plumber and because Bill stayed on the line with Todd for one minute YOU get paid $4!

Why YOU? Because You are the one that got Todd the Plumbers phone number in front of Bill when he needed it most for only 3 CENTS!

That’s right, you get paid as long as your traffic (Bill) stays on the phone with the plumber for over a minute, now repeat that all day, every day for a job-replacing income.

Kallzu Ads Review

Unlike other make money online methods this system doesn’t require you to wait months to get traffic.

You don’t even need to create content or post videos, this method leverages an extremely cheap traffic source that very few people actually know about or even use.

The cool thing is, you don’t even need your own product. Your simple task is to connect a hungry niche market with a service provider that is willing to pay you thousands for the targeted traffic.

Pros – You’re taught step-by-step (Video + Written guides) how this method works and you’re given all the tools you need to make it happen. You don’t need to wait for results you just need to take action.

Kallzu Ads Reviews

You also get access to an extremely lively members area full of Kallzu ad members who currently profit with this method.

Cons – It’s a paid traffic source, I know most newbies shy-away from paid traffic but this source is extremely cheap and the payout is extremely high.

Custom Kallzu Ads Bonuses

This first custom Kallzu bonus will show you my REAL-LIFE case study on how I made hundreds of dollars using Google Ads.

Kallzu Ads bonuses

My second custom bonus will show you exactly how to replicate my success with the same type of cheap ad.

Kallzu Ads bonuses

The third custom bonus is a complete guide to the cheapest source of traffic there is, and that’s Bings Ads.

Kallzu Ads

For my fourth custom bonus you’re going to get my best converting Pinterest template for fast free traffic.

Kallzu Ads Reviews

Remember, you can only get my custom bonuses if you purchase Kallzu Ads through this page. Contact Me with your receipt after you purchase through this page to claim these bonuses.

Successful Kallzu Testimonials Galore!!

These are just SOME of the weekly updates within the Kallzu Facebook group from real users and members. Here are 5 examples of successful students.

“Okay, this is FREAKIN` crazy. I just launched my first PPC campaign yesterday, and today when I checked my stats, I am already PROFITABLE”

Kallzu Member
Kallzu Ads Review

“Excited to see some quick results on this new campaign!”

Kallzu Member
Kallzu Ads Review

“Fam. It happened. I have just “meduzaed” in… My. First. Client”

Kallzu Member
Kallzu Ads Review

“Running a very-tight affiliate campaign, total results for today were just 1 click = 1 paid call @ 600%+ ROI”

Kallzu Member
Kallzu Ads Review

“Hello Kallzu’ers We have 12 qualified paid calls!!! 6 Water Damage & 6 Mold, We will be moving onto looking for local business clients next week with the system.  “

Kallzu Member
Kallzu Ads

The level of SUPPORT and COMMUNITY within Kallzu is another amazing part of this course, I can’t stress it enough.

Kallzu Ads Review + Verdict

I give Kallzu Ads two very big and enthusiastic thumbs up, within the training you are given everything you need to succeed.

Kallzu Ads

Plus there is a thriving and lively community of Kallzu ad members, I often see people posting their results and successes so I know this method works.

If you have any questions about my Kallzu ads review please let me know in the comments section below.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Get the best kind of traffic online on a daily basis using the Infinity Buyer Traffic method.

Important: If you want to claim both the Infinity Buyer Traffic method plus my custom traffic bonuses then you need to get it through this page. You can claim it all right here…


Let’s get into the details and see how Infinity Buyer Traffic works.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Method

This is a completely passive system created Fergal Downes to help you get buyer traffic and to convert that traffic into sales.

This is a 100% Facebook traffic method. Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with paid traffic, this is all FREE traffic.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

You get 17 module training videos complete with:

  • Done-For-You Templates
  • Step-by-Step guides
  • Case Studies with Proof

Within the training you have the option of doing it yourself or hire a virtual assistant for $5 for 5 hours of work! You’re shown everything inside and how the method works, nothing is left out.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Reviews


My favorite part of this method are all the done-for-you templates, it really saved me a ton of time and guess work. They even give you specific buyer groups to join. I was very happy with that.

Custom Infinity Buyer Traffic Bonuses

First custom bonus, get my proven Facebook traffic plug and play scripts for traffic and sales.

Infinity Buyer Traffic bonus

Second custom bonus, get profitable case studies where I show you my done-for-you Facebook scripts in action.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Third custom bonus, grab my software to automate your Facebook group traffic and to save your content.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Fourth custom bonus, get my Facebook group list and get access to the hottest traffic spots on Facebook.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review bonus

Fifth custom bonus, learn to leverage Facebook Lives for quick traffic to your products and promotions.

Infinity Buyer Traffic bonuses

Plus, you get ALL of the bonuses that come with Infinity Buyer Traffic.

Infinity Buyer Traffic bonus review


Remember, you can only get my custom bonuses and case studies IF you get Infinity Buyer Traffic through this page.

Upgrades For Infinity Buyer Traffic

First Upgrade: Infinity Done For You Bundle ($37) – get more manychat scripts, proven promotion images, done-for-you templates and done-for-you lead magnets.

Second Upgrade: Infinity Buyer Extractor Case Studies ($17) – get even more case studies showing you the method in action.

Third Upgrade: Infinity One on One Coaching ($97) – get coaching from Fergal Downes.

Fourth Upgrade: Infinity Reseller License ($67) – sell I.B.T. as your own product.

My recommendations – if you’re a newbie and want to live off of Facebook traffic and profits then you should get the 3rd upgrade coaching because Fergal makes a comfortable living doing this.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

If you already have experience doing Facebook marketing then I’d get the second upgrade to grab more case studies.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review + Verdict

I only review and share products that actually work and Infinity Buyer Traffic is no different. You get an experienced marketer (Fergal Downes) revealing his step-by-step method on how he makes a killing online with free Facebook traffic.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Reviews


I know this works because I do this myself, unlike Google, Pinterest and/or Youtube, Facebook is NOT a search engine, the primary source for traffic is engagement.

Infinity Buyer Traffic gives you all the scripts and templates you need to copy and paste your way to success. Let me know if you have any questions below.