- Easy 3 STEP METHOD -

Find Profitable KDP Niche Keywords With Amazon Ads Reports In 2021

  • FIRST create a 'sponsored products' Ad campaign on Amazon Advertising platform
  • Set a 2 dollar a day limit and a TWO WEEK end date 
  • Keep the minimum bid at 21 cents a click 
  • Make sure to select dynamic bid - DOWN ONLY
  • FYI: I recommend 'Manual Ads' , this allows for bulk keyword uploads
  • Add at least 200 Keywords related to the target niche: Get The FREE KDP Keyword Too Here.

SECOND. read the report that Amazon creates, and harvest the keywords that earned more than they cost.

Amazon Ads Reports In 2021

THIRD create another 'Manual' Ad campaign with JUST those WINNER keywords.

Profitable KDP Niche Keywords With Amazon Ads
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What Is KDP? And How Are People Making Money With It?

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon's internal publishing house, this allows ANYONE to upload DIGITAL low content books for FREE (crossword books, journals, puzzle books etc..). Amazon takes care of the rest:  

  • Amazon publishes the books made-to-order (NO NEED TO DROP-SHIP OR SEND ANYTHING)
  • All your books are HOSTED on Amazon (NO NEED TO CREATE WEBSITES)
  • Amazon traffic is BUYER traffic, people are there to buy (NO NEED TO GET TRAFFIC)
  • People LOVE buying from the Amazon brand (NO NEED TO BUILD a REPUTATION)

All you need is the ability to QUICKLY create low content puzzle books that people want to buy, here is the crossword puzzle software I use...